Junior high efficiency air filter solution

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The average and top ability Mgo Panel air clarify mainly includes the aboriginal aftereffect air filter, the average ability air clarify and the top ability air filter.

(A) aboriginal aftereffect of air filters are plate, folding, bag, box four styles, anatomy actual with cardboard box, aluminum frame, galvanized adamant frame, stainless animate frame, clarify actual with non-woven, nylon mesh, activated carbon Clarify cotton, metal mesh, etc., careful net has double-sided aerosol galvanized acid wire and galvanized acid wire. Low cost, ablaze weight, acceptable versatility, bunched structure.

Aboriginal aftereffect air clarify Use:

The aboriginal aftereffect of air filters for axial air conditioning and centralized blast arrangement filtration; ample air compressor filtration; apple-pie air acknowledgment system; top ability filtration accessory pre-filter.

Early aftereffect air clarify features:

1, anatomy with solid aluminum admixture frame, the wind apparent additional diamond-shaped nets to ensure that the clarify is not alive in poor conditions, anamorphosis or damage; failing bowl structure.

2, the use of high-quality polyester cilia clarify material, can be re-used repeatedly, continued life, economical and practical, creamy gradually close cilia anatomy to ensure a college dust accumulating bulk and a beyond bulk of dust, finer extend The end of the clarify in the end of the advantageous life.

3, 1 inch (21mm, 25mm) of altered array to accept from, baddest the clarify rating: G1, G2, G3, G4 (EN779)

(B) in the ability of air filters are broadly acclimated in air conditioning system, average filter, acclimatized to the top absorption of dust occasions, the use of high-quality actinic cilia non-woven filter, a ample bulk of dust. Mainly acclimated for clarification 1-5μm dust particles, with low resistance, the advantages of ample wind. In aftereffect clarify bag and frame, modular and so on.

The bag blazon average ability air clarify is fabricated of superfine constructed cilia with appropriate aberrant adjustment to abstain the ache which the old bottle cilia actual may could cause to the animal body. The clarify average contains the changeless electricity cilia and filters the dust on the submicron (less than 1 or beneath than 1 micron) The ability is decidedly good, 1 micron atom filtration ability of 85%, with a top dust accumulating capacity, top dust amount and top permeability, top account life.

Medium ability air clarify features:

Efficiency: F5-F9 (colorimetric method);

Features: Clarify actual is fabricated of actual accomplished bottle fiber;

Uses: Broadly acclimated in pharmaceutical, electronics, aliment industry and accepted air-conditioning system.

CAUTION: Handle with affliction if handling, and install vertically.

(C) High-efficiency air clarify is mainly acclimated for accoutrement 0.5um atom dust and assorted abeyant solids. The use of ultra-fine bottle cilia cardboard for the filter, account paper, aluminum and added abstracts for the breach plate, and wood-framed aluminum admixture alert together. Each by the blaze analysis method, with top filtration efficiency, low resistance, ample accommodation dust and added characteristics. Top ability air clarify can be broadly acclimated in optical electronics, LCD LCD manufacturing, biomedicine, attention instruments, cooler and food, PCB press industry, apple-pie air ablution bulb at the end of the air accumulation office. Able and ultra-efficient filters are acclimated in the end of the apple-pie room, with its anatomy can be disconnected into: there are partitions efficient, no allotment efficiency, top ability air flow, ultra-efficient filters.

High-efficiency air filters are mainly acclimated in electronics, semiconductor, attention machinery, pharmaceutical, hospital, aliment and added industries to apple-pie the college requirements of the medical, civilian or automated clean-end filter. As the top ability clarify about as the clarify end, therefore, the requirements of the top ability clarify is aswell the a lot of stringent.

There are partitions top ability clarify is to use ultra-fine bottle cilia cardboard for the filter, elastic area cardboard for the break lath both with aluminum frame, copse anatomy and galvanized animate anatomy combination.

A allotment able air clarify features: low attrition and top efficiency, ablaze weight, ample accommodation and added characteristics of dust.

It is acceptable for the ablution of ambient air beneath accustomed temperature, accustomed burden and accustomed clamminess conditions.

Especially for the charge for able air clarify with top advantage of the apple-pie room.

No allotment top ability air clarify Features:

Uses: The end of the apple-pie allowance outlet, FFU, apple-pie equipment, accession forms are broadly acclimated in electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, aliment and added industries

Outer frame: aluminum alloy

Media: ultra-fine bottle cilia clarify paper

Sealant: Polyurethane

Separator: hot cook adhesive

Protection network: animate cobweb spray, white

Efficiency: Laser atom counting MPPS ability 99.95%, 99.995%, filtration brand H13, H14

Working temperature: ≤70 ℃

Working temperature: ≤99 ℃
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