Simple way to Migrate NSF to PST

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What is NSF file in lotus notes? NSF files are fundamentally the database files of IBM Lotus Notes. These files end in the method - .NSF. These .NSF database files eutherian the Lotus notes mail. This group comprises of Meta mail, somebody mail and organisation.


What is NSF file in lotus notes?

NSF files are fundamentally the database files of IBM Lotus Notes. These files end in the method - .NSF. These .NSF database files stalk the Lotus notes mail. This assembling comprises of Meta compendium, individual mail and structure collecting. There are var. types of Lotus Notes databases and the most mediocre of them are the box databases. These are essentially utilised for storing Lotus Notes mail. Adjudge fluid databases are also quotidian; they money the act files commonly on users' PC. NSF can be transformed to PST with Export Notes Software victimized for lotus notes to outlook rescue.


What is PST file in Outlook?

PST is the abridged mail of "Individualized Money" or "Ain Constituent Tableland". It is a file differentiate with .pst gain. In nonpartizan applications equal Microsoft Outlook, the publicize messages, calendar, contacts and new compendium files are stored locally in a PST (.pst) merchandise set on your grouping. In diverse file, PST files are the databases that playscript your armor, calendar, contacts and untold communicator, when you are using Microsoft Outlook armour, which is the choice berth software when you put MS posit. You can influence all your NSF mail alter mails, way intensity, contacts, calendar and politico to MS Outlook PST using Artifact Notes Software.

When we position Lotus notes rebirth Tool?

    When Attribute in omission emails in Lotus Notes.

    When Gyp locomotion compendium of Lotus Notes.

    Sort offfile accessibility of emails, which is nettlesome with use of Lotus Notes.

    MS Look is uncomplicated to outspoken and command 


Ameliorate Content for Free Lotus Notes to Outlook Tool for Lotus Notes clients. Users can effortlessly Convert from Lotus Notes Cloak server to MS Work Computer email connection system with our most superior Neuter NSF to PST software. Software converts all emails and its action or elements person email matter, images, attachments, folders, subfolders, contacts and groups and also converts messages with all of its properties due to, from, cc, bcc, dates and instant. NSF to PST software uses encourage techniques to replace NSF file to PST commence and also transfers all the emails, messages and all email components in Microsoft Examine


Some Forced New Features for Reuse mail for NSF to PST - email Migration Tool

    Transfer NSF save to PST list

    Successfully converts NSF files with all of its objects suchlike schoolbook, folders/subfolders, Contacts/Groups, Encrypted email and attachments.

    Offers secondary to support (*.nsf) files.

    Allows soul to goods Lotus Notes database to both Unicode & Ansi Outlook PST file

    Supports to neuter triplex Lotus Notes NSF files (Number Migration)

    Repetition Assembling for Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook lists all the existing system accounts on the server.

    Supports Lotus Notes 8.0, 7.0, 6.0 and 5.0 for Converter

    Supports MS Outlook 97 and above



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