Madden 18 Longshot Was Written Like A Complete Journey

Published by: madden on 20th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by madden

As we known, the new coming Madden 18 have a story mode that called Longshot. In this article, we'll talking about what's new in the game mode.

According to the official announcement, it's like FIFA's The Journey, but even more cinematic. "In some ways it's similar to FIFA's The Journey – the main one being that you play as an IP character, Devin Wade, rather than in a create-yourself storyline. It's like a campaign mode for sports: very cinematic. Our motto for four years has been, it's a movie you can play."

Past sports games felt restricted to three or four environments: locker room, tunnel, field, coaches office. This moves beyond that. We couldn't just have scenes with two people talking; we had to have people in the background doing their jobs, movie-quality blocking, characters that might take a month to make despite being in only one scene. They have 45 characters. All ages, genders, races. 

Furthermore, you never play in an actual NFL game like the mode giving you. It feels like one seamless cinematic movie experience, that you are controlling through choices and how you play on the field. There’s not a single NFL game. You experience high school football, you see Devin at different stages of his life including Pop Warner [youth football], some college football, and other surprising twists.

The game mode influences include Telltale adventures and Uncharted. Longshot has multiple endings, and choices have big impacts. There are traditional Madden mini-games, but many ways to play this. There's an interactive NFL combine where you throw a route tree and take pocket movement drills, and branching dialogue, more in the style of a Telltale game than what you’ve seen in other sports game career modes. "We have unique new ways to throw the ball, and even Uncharted-type moments - quick-time-events for some of the more cinematic action moments."

"Along the way you’re getting feedback via a dynamic scouting report. Your draft grade is constantly being evaluated. And we have a really cool plan for Ultimate Team where you don’t have to finish Longshot to unlock rewards. There’s a sticker album with coaches, stadiums, and jerseys unique to our mode. You’ll unlock some of our fictional characters such as Devin, Dan Marino and Colt, and some of the celebrities in the storyline too."

Finally, play the story of an NFL prospect's road to the Draft - on and off the field - in Madden's first-ever story mode, Longshot. If you want more updates, please keep eyes on which is the most reliable online game store to offer amounts of cheap Madden 18 Coins for sale online.



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