Let's run through this real NBA Live Coins

Published by: web on 26th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by web

Let's run through this real quick.The NBA Live Coins Heat have the ball and call timeout with :24 seconds remaining with the score tied at 99-99 in overtime. The Pacers take out Roy Hibbert for Sam Young, because everyone knows you never want one of the best rim protectors in the NBA on the court in crunch time.


This is Frank Vogel's logic and, unsurprisingly. LeBron James takes advantage of it. After a 4-1 pick-and-roll, LeBron's eyes light up when he sees George Hill is switched onto him. What is easier than taking candy from a baby?



Because that's what LeBron did in driving to the cup for the go-ahead layup to put Miami ahead 101-99 with :10 seconds remaining.After the great Paul George (more on him later) gets fouled on a three-point attempt and subsequently hits all three free throws like a boss. Miami gets the ball again at halfcourt with 2.7 seconds remaining.



The greatness of LeBron Paul Flannery on why his spin and layup should be the real story.AGAIN Vogel chooses to sub-out Hibbert, this time for. Tyler Hansbrough. This was especially crazy because the same stupid substitution just got his team burned, like, EIGHT SECONDS AGO.


Twitter was up in arms over it, which is nothing particularly distinguishing but still noteworthy: this wasn't a case of second-guessing and hindsight being 20/20. Most people watching this game were Buy NBA 2K18 MT confounded from the moment the. Pacers took the floor without their awesome defensive center on the game's last possession. You know what happens next: LeBron burns Paul George because he is LeBron and the rest of us are just flawed human beings, there's no rotational help to challenge the shot because.



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