Guaranteeing an elite Albion online Silver point

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Guaranteeing an elite point guard re-signs for a Albion online Silver long-term contract through the prime of his career is one of those rare good times to go ahead and unload an unprotected first, if that's the only way it gets done. Such a move comes with an inherent bonus: the likelihood of a Chris Paul-Blake Griffin team falling into the lottery within two years is pretty small.


It's not zero. Look how close the Lakers came to the lottery in 2013. They had sent an unprotected first to Phoenix in the Steve


Nash deal. Can you imagine anyone in L.A. considered it remotely possible they'd get burned by that? So, again, the likelihood for the Clippers to be burned is not zero.)As it turns out, Doc also happens to be a pretty good coach, so there's benefit beyond keeping CP3.


For a pick that should be in the 20s, this is a good haul and not really comparable to the Baron-Mo-Kyrie disaster.That said, since Kevin Garnett didn't come along in the deal and, according to SB Nation's Paul Flannery, will not be coming to L.A. at any point this year because of the Doc move, the.


Clippers still need to find ways to improve the Buy MU Legend Zen roster from an edition that was bounced in the first round. There's now one fewer asset to use in that quest. More from SB Nation:• Clippers finally get their man: Doc Rivers headed to L.A.• CP3 will stay for Doc | Ainge to Boston's sideline?


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