The Wizards proved with this NFL 18 Coins

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Wall and Beal. The Wizards proved with this lineup last season that, when healthy, it plays together very well — the
NFL 18 Coins team was just one game under .500 when Wall returned from injury in January — and they also proved that when injury strikes, the resulting product barely, at times, resembles a basketball team.Biggest need.


The Wizards' most pressing need is a player on the wing who, if he can't step into the starting five immediately, can at least come off the bench and take some of the scoring load off Wall and Beal. It's unclear if the Wizards will find Webster's price to be out of their range, which would simply leave them with Ariza. Would they be comfortable with/


Ariza — known much more for his defensive prowess — and/or Chris Singleton in that role if Webster departs? Also, with Okafor and Nene getting older, the future of Washington's frontcourt is uncertain.Potential targetsThe Wizards seem to be deciding between either Georgetown's Otto Porter (scouting report) or Anthony Bennett of UNLV (scouting report) with the


No. 3 pick. Porter seems to be a safer pick, as he's widely regarded as a pick of relative certainty due to the wide array of skills he showed at Georgetown. He excels from both mid-range and the perimeter, creating catch-and-shoot opportunities with sharp cuts and action away from the ball.


His athleticism has been criticized, but he should do what he did in college and use his exceptional knowledge of the game and how it operates to compensate. Another advantage to Porter is his age, as he just turned 20 earlier this month.Bennett is regarded to have more upside than Porter, and maybe even any Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins player in the draft. SB Nation ranked him first on its



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