Because the Spurs set so Madden NFL 18 Coins

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Danny Green. Because the Spurs set so Madden NFL 18 Coins many different kinds of ball screens, it's tough for the defense to key in on any single one. That split second of hesitation is all San Antonio needs.Read all of Mike Prada's NBA play breakdowns.


MISDIRECTIONSpeaking of split seconds of hesitation, that's the effect of San Antonio's misdirection, used to perfection on multiple occasions in Game 1. The Spurs are masters at pretending like one play is being run, then going into another play before the defense can react.


They used misdirection to set up a crucial three-pointer by Green with just over two minutes remaining. At first glance, this looks like a standard pick-and-roll to get Parker going towards the basket and away from LeBron James' watchful eye.But all is not what it seems.


The Spurs are actually planning a multiple-pass series of triggers that are designed to either get Cheap Madden 18 Coins Duncan or Green the ball. Rather than attack the basket, Parker dribbles out and feeds Ginobili on the opposite side.From here, all Ginobili must do is read the defense. The Spurs had been victimized by Mike Miller's aggressive help rotations to cut off the roll man earlier in the game, so this time, they set up a play that will open up Miller's man.


Green, if Miller helps again. Sure enough, Duncan rolls, Miller drops down and this cross-court pass to Green is suddenly open.Miller is way too far into the lane to recover and Green hits a huge shot. Despite all this, though, the biggest reason San Antonio expertly navigated Miami's traps is ...



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