Albion Online: GvG Team & Violence Sector Details

Published by: Amy on 18th Jan 2017 | View all blogs by Amy

Speaking of the Albion Online community, it's no hyperbole to say that the world of Albion is a dangerous place, nonetheless, we will striving to fight to live in that world. We are not intend to be the extremely top guild in game, simply put, we won't able to be as hardcore as guilds such as Envy, the Red Army as well as Nilfgaard. But, you better not underestimate us. Cheap albion online gold for sale, why not buy it right now?

To be honest, we are expecting and waiting for the release of game, so to that end, eventually, we can play with people who are currently taking a break. I hope that we will be able to achieve our goals and we are prepared to change those, in case we have to adapt to new updates or new circumstances.” seemingly, almost players have been expecting to buy cheap albion gold.

Meanwhile Violence Sector has also started the training of their second GvG team. TheJomber is confident that, by the release of the game, Violence Sector will have three fully trained groups that will be able to compete against the other guilds in the first week of colonizing Albion. “We have already created our plan for the release and are working on improving it every time we learn something new,” he says.

Still, regardless of the ebbing recruitment, the guild got hold of enough resources through their territories and plots as well as their previously owned city Queensbay Watch that they are now aiming straight for T7 equipment and preparing for a complete transition into the black zones. You better visit official gaming website to get more latest albion news and videos:



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