What To Do If You Can’t See Images in Adobe Reader

Published by: Maria on 13th Sep 2017 | View all blogs by Maria

The portable document format (PDF) allows the users to view and print their documents on different types of devices and computers.  The PDF file is also capable of inserting photos within the text. If you’re unable to see your pictures when viewing a document in Adobe Reader, you may require updating the Reader or change the settings. In these circumstances, you can call on the Adobe customer support number for a hassle-free solution.

Scanning Problems

Adobe Reader X has a known issue that can be the reason of images to display as black boxes while scanning a black & white newspaper to the PDF file. This issue is mainly encountered due to the interface mode utilized when investigating. To fix the problem, click the ‘Custom Scan’ tab and choose the ‘Show Native Interface of Scanner’ option under the ‘User Interface’ section when you create a PDF file.

Problems in Previous Versions

When you try to export a large file with pictures to the PostScript document, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 might show the message saying that ‘An error exists on this page’ and won’t show the pictures in the following PostScript file. The PDFMaker plugin in Adobe Reader 9.0 can also prevent photos from appearing correctly, as it might show photos as black boxes while changing the MS Office document to the PDF file format. At such time, you can fix the problems simply by upgrading the Adobe Reader to the latest version.

Show Large Pictures

You can set up Adobe Reader to not show large photos in the PDF document. To use the Reader application on your PC, your computer needs at least 256MB of memory and a 1.3 GHz processor. This feature can enhance the performance while reading documents on your system that doesn’t meet the computer requirements. However, it may cause some pictures in a document not being displayed. You can set up Reader to view all photos by clicking the ‘Edit’ menu and choosing the ‘Preferences’ tab via the drop-down menu. Click the ‘Page Display’ heading in the left corner of the screen, select the ‘Show large images’ check box and click the ‘OK’ button.

No Images in Document

You can save troubleshooting time by opening your document in other PDF viewers. If you’re still incapable of seeing pictures when opening your PDF file in another application, it’s possible that the document doesn’t have any images. However, if you’re able to see the pictures in another PDF viewer, Adobe Reader might have problems. In such a situation, you should call on the Adobe customer service number and speak with the professionals to get immediate solutions for several problems related to the Adobe Reader. 



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