Simple Process To Get The Google Docs From The Gmail Account  

Published by: shiney on 3rd Jun 2017 | View all blogs by shiney

Google docs is basically the application that is used for the purpose of uploading and converting a word document to the google document.By the help of this you can also add the flair or you can even do the formatting to the documents which includes adjusting the margins, and other things like the space, fonts as well as colours.

Now in case you want to go to the google docs from the gmail account then you need to follow the below written steps:-

  • first of all just login to your gmail account by using your browser
  • after that you have to click on the gear icon that is basically present on to the right side of the screen
  • and there you need to choose the settings option from the menu
  • after that you need to move further to the labs tab option and you have to click on it
  • followed by scrolling down to the list of the available tabs
  • now just click on the enable button that is present next to the create a document option
  • now just tap on the save change button
  • now whenever you wish to open a message that you wish to save as the document
  • you simply need to click on the more menu and have to choose the create a document in order to save the changes.

In case of further query feel free to contact the Gmail technical support phone number. Gmail experts provides best effort to guide you to the best solution for your technical issue. For feedback pleast leave a comment.


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