How to Import Watches from China

Published by: Vijay on 10th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by Vijay

China is a global center for several types of watches – mechanical, automatic and quartz variants. With changes that have come over the years, people are crazy about brands and want to own the artistically crafted watches, preferably OEM models. You can review the differences between the various types by surfing the internet. While visiting several online pages like Tradeflock, the user is presented with known facts about the technical specifications for the watches.


Japanese and Swiss variants of watches can be obtained from China. The Chinese manufacturers use specific models of prominent brands like Citizen, Seiko, and ETA. But a word of caution prior to getting ready to import watches from China

  • Ensure that the brands and products are as good as new as there is a high chance of refurbished, defective watches that can come to you
  • The labeling requirements for the supplies while you import watches from China is crucial as inappropriate labeling for the products may enforce that the supply has to be recalled

Trade flock’s article on this topic details out the differences between several watch types for a good understanding of the purchaser prior to his order to import watches from China. Being the hub of assembled watches, the knowledge around the guidelines for the import from China will be essential to know and understand.




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