How to Import LED Screens from China

Published by: Vijay on 26th Jul 2017 | View all blogs by Vijay

There are several importers looking to import LED screens from China due to the increasing demand for them. However you must be careful before importing a LED screen having desired specification because there are certain guidelines on how to import LED screens from china. From supplier sourcing and from product development side, there are many necessary characteristics required.

How to Import LED Screens from China

Best in China

China’s as well as the world’s centre of electronics manufacturing is Shenzhen. In this region consumer electronics are assembled, packed and exported thus giving you access to top quality LED screens. Only a few LED exporters can be found outside of this region. Manufacturing LED screens is a hard task thus making the answer for the question - how to import LED screens from china much more crucial.

Importing of LED screens from china

Cost and delivery time becomes a matter of prudence because an LED screen assembling hundreds of components are required. There is no requirement of additional knowledge for importing LED screens from China. Nevertheless specifications such as preferring the ISO certified suppliers and following certification principles is important. 

For more information on how to import LED screens from china is available in the Tradeflock website



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