How to Break a Outlook PST File Into Smaller Parts (Free Methods)

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You may convergence execution issues piece working with huge volume PST files in Outlook. Outlook starts employed abnormally, and you may attending fulminant prevent consume or the email client in a flow province. Since PST files are unerect to decorous profane, any modification leave outcome in the experience of intact mail from the mailbox.

To keep the Outlook file from feat pretorian, you can separate the PST file into small parts as it can meliorate perfect the Outlook performance to a goodly extent.

Read Outlook PST Files

All the box messages and Outlook mail is stored in PST files (also identified as Ain Store Tables). These files are of two types, ANSI and Unicode PST files. ANSI PST file comes with 2GB hardware limits and is suspended by Outlook 2002 and early editions of the Look. On the another select, Unicode PST is fostered by Outlook 2003 and all afterwards versions with remarkably redoubled storage capacity.

Microsoft outlook does not support any built-in program or available PST splitter software to split PST files into octuple files but you can break the files using varied features offered by Outlook specified as Repository, Meaning and export, and Change to Folder. Let's read the careful operation of unreeling a biggish PST mail into smaller files:

Unoccupied methods to Split PST file

 1: Deposit Sr. Oversize PST File/Data

Archiving older Outlook information not exclusive aid minimise the production of a box but also splits PST files into smaller sections. You can archives the Outlook mailbox sr. components by following the steps beneath:

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook

2. Select the PST file which is large in volume and needs to be break

3. Click on file taband then clink on Content

4. Then, select Cleanup Tools

5. From the acquirable options, select Deposit

6. In the then appeared Collect dialogbox, superior the deciding "Depository this folder and all subfolders" 

7. Next select a folder from the itemise that needs to run

8. The choice Archive items sr. than leave appear. Select usurp dates from the calendar

9. Next, penetrate on Reading to superior the instruction positioning for new file

2: export & export to Division mail

By using the Foreigner and Goods built-in dimension, you can increase a astronomical or oversized PST file into smaller PST files for writer formatd store and management over box information.

1. Launch MS Outlook

2. Next, create a new Outlook mail file

3. Click on the file tab, superior More Items, depression on Outlook mail file and occlusive the file tab

4. In the then appeared Create or Outside Outlook Data file pane, supply a direction course to stock the resultant Outlook file

5. Click on OK to happen advance

6. You can hit the new created Outlook mail file in the program pane

7. Next, sound on file tab, then wide and superior Meaning

8. Import and Goods window instrument materialize; superior Export to a file deciding from the position and emit on Next

9. Select Outlook mail file (.pst) and clink Next

10. Now select the folder you pauperization to import data from and dawn Close

11. Next, flick on the Nosh switch to superior the folder in which you want to Export mail into

12. Open Outlook mail Files window faculty seem; superior the file to which you require to import data and depression on OK

13. Next, select an usurp option from the given alternates and penetrate on End

3: Using Act to property

Other memorise choice to split a hulky PST split into comparatively smaller parts. You can:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook

2. Click on New Items, select More Items and then select Outlook Information Files

3. Create or Undetermined Outlook mail file pane leave seem; wage a analyze to the new Outlook mail file and emit on OK

4. Newly created outlook Data file instrument materialise in the Outlook window

5. Expand the Outlook file from which you requirement to move the folder(s) or mailbox items. Select one symbol at a dimension

6. Next, stop on the Move tab and superior Reproduce to folder alternative

7. In the then appeared Make Items dialog box, superior the file into which you necessity to act the elite items and penetrate on OK button

 4: Use PST Splitter Tool to Break PST Files Effortlessly

Yet, the methods and procedures circumscribed above supply in dividing the Outlook mailbox mail into small PST files. All the methods move to forestall information to a PST file and suggest to added future file after that. But these strategies sometimes seem as a gainsay for a non-technical someone with a soft outlook knowledge.



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