How email have changed the way of our communication?

Published by: Sam on 1st Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Sam

Email are useful, well that’s a fact. Emails allow a user to send an message to their loved ones and their colleagues within a second. Emails have changed the way we used to communicate with each other. It used to take days for a single letter to reach its destination earlier however, now the time have changed. A person can just write a message by just sitting on a computer from the comfort of his home and have the conversation with people across the globe in real time. Now, that’s amazing.

There are various companies who are offering wide range of email services to the consumers and lots of them are living up to the expectation of the users. Companies like Gmail, AOL, Charter, Yahoo, Bellsouth, SBCglobal and many others. All of them have a huge customer base, amazing customer service and an attitude to never let down their customers. However, among from above mentioned Email service provider there are only few who lead the pack and one of them is Yahoo!.

Yahoo is also email service providers like other mentioned above and have somewhat similar characteristics from the other mentioned emails. Nevertheless, the things which makes it’s a top contender in the Email service provider market is, that it was the first few companies who had started this service in the USA. Yahoo has been in the market for many decades and in 90s, it was the pioneer of the email service provider market.

Yahoo tries to stand apart from its competitor and sometime barley able to catch up to features of other emails services, which led to its decline in the early 2000s. Yahoo has seen a huge fall on its user base due to its incompatibility to cope with the other email service provider in the market who were offering and creating a range of new and innovative features and that to at very low prices.

Yahoo took a blow when its server got hacked and nearly 50 million of user’s data was breached and compromised. It created a panic attack within its users and they started shifting to other email service provider which is much more protected and secured than yahoo. The blow was so hard, that yahoo and all its subsidiaries were sold in mere 4 billion dollars. The amount is pretty big “I Know” but a company whose worth was more than 20 billion few years back and being sold at one fifth of its value comes as an shock, not just to me but to many even to its share holders.

From that day, begins the downfall of yahoo. On every day, there are thousands of queries by yahoo users regarding their issues and what’s more daunting was that there is no one to call as there lines were so busy that they were unable to respond to many of their customers’ requests. Some of the issues were very common and some of them were so much hard and complicated that the users started to switch to other email service providers such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook and other to name few. Those problems were genuine, so I am mentioning them below. 

Problems faced by Yahoo users:

·       Not able to login to Yahoo Account.

·       Yahoo account password and username incorrect.

·       Not able to send or receive yahoo mails.

·       Not able to attach files in yahoo mails.

·       Yahoo account got hacked.

·       Login page is working way to slow.

·       Messages are not mounting up in inbox.

·       Spamming issues.

·       Yahoo messenger cannot connect to the server.

·       Yahoo messenger is not working on phone.

·       Receiving Phishing emails on your account.

·       Not able to reach Yahoo mail Technical Support Number.

·       Yahoo Customer support team is unresponsive.

·       And many others.

The above mentioned problems were so frequent, that the numbers of searches on Google were in millions on every day basis. With no proper help and support from yahoo, people start reaching to unofficial yahoo support service provider, who are charging them but resolving their issues and that too in very short notice.

If you are that person who is facing any issue with your yahoo accounts and wants to get instant help from a certified and trained Yahoo Customer Service team. Then you can Dial Yahoo technical Support number 1-800-721-0104 to get instant help. You can also visit our website directly to read about the issues more deeply and also understand the root cause of it. 



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