How Do I Change Your Router Password ?

Published by: shiney on 12th Jun 2017 | View all blogs by shiney

A router is basically a networking device that helps to forward the data packets to between the computer networks. Routers main function is to provide he traffic directions functions on the internet network. Mainly here data packets is transferred from one router to other router with the help of the networks that constitute the internetwork until and unless it gets its destination location. A router basically acts as the link between the user and the internet.

Procedure to reset your router password :

As people from all over the world has been using this router facility, which acts as the link. So, to access that one need to provide some password and username to the required router network so that any outsider may not access that particular network and there services. And suppose if anyone is willing to change their required username and password of the respected router then follow up the below given solution.

Follow up the below given some common solution for the same :-


  • Open up any of the stored web browsing application in your desired computing device.
  • When open, in the search address bar enter and then make search.
  • Now a respective router login page will open in front of the screen.
  • Make a login to your desired router account by entering the username and password such as – admin and admin respectively.
  • Now from there move to ‘menu bar’ there select on the set no option.
  • Thenclick on ‘quick setup bar’ options on that particular section itself.
  • Search for the, ‘pre-shared key’ from there itself.
  • When you have find that just choose the ‘change password’.
  • Change your password as per your choice and interest.
  • Then again enter new password for the confirmation.
  • When finish with that, then on the down option click on the change username and hence from there one will be able to change the same.


And when finish with all then click on the ok button. For any guidance and support from the technician then call them at Netgear router technical support number. They will definitely provide you the full guidance and support throughout the whole procedure.


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