Hire Ground Handler in Nepal for Your Trusted and Well-Known Reputation

Published by: Vijay on 21st May 2017 | View all blogs by Vijay

The minimum time passengers have to wait is best for the airline companies. The skillful and experienced Ground Handler in Nepal maintains the airline’s highly expensive investments, aircraft & GSE, and the passengers move efficiently, effortlessly, and safely on the ramp. From the very first moment when the plane touches the ground, the ground handlers are ready to safely park at the gate. From the marshaling to securing aircraft and making the service equipment well-prepared, the ground handling services are provided all the moment.  

Ground Handling in Nepal

Services included in ground handling package 

Ground handling package includes all kinds of services needed by an aircraft when it remains on the ground. These days, most of the airlines prefer receiving the services from ground handling agents that helps in different operational areas included in the package. 

The ground handling package from leading company includes so many things such as:

  • Toilet and water services (on process)
  • Cargo handling services
  • Ramp handling
  • Aircraft push back/towing
  • GE operations
  • ACU GPU air-start
  • Baggage services
  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Aircraft marshalling
  • Passengers handling
  • Transfer cargo to-from cargo terminal
  • Passenger check-In
  • Wheelchair assistance, meet and assist, and many more special services
  • Passenger arrivals and departure handling

The ramp handling services ensure sparkling ramp and safety of the people. Ramp services from experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology include equipment supply, meeting the aircraft, interior cleaning, crew and passenger transport between the aircraft and passenger terminals. The ground handlers take care of the passenger’s baggage ensuring the baggage is conveniently and safely transferred to the connecting flights on right time without any breakage or damage. 

Ground handling agent

Those who have difficulty in managing their airline ground handling tasks can get the optimal solutions by hiring the Ground Handling Agent in Nepal. The agent performs various roles such as:

  • Load the baggage safely according to published process and handles them safely in accordance with customer airline’s published guidelines.
  • Help physically handicapped passengers and other passengers also with their needs.
  • Perform the housekeeping of the specific work areas.
  • Keep and shift all kinds of job-related working tools during the working hours.
  • Handle cargo materials such as special products in safe and timely manner.
  • Reports security incident and unsuitable conduct about theft or taking the benefits from the customer in any way.

So, choose the Ground Handler in Nepal who can help you with handling everything to your repute in the country and provide reliable handling services. Nepal Aviation can be the one who can help you for all, from ground handling to overflying and landing permit.



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