General advices for students how to write motivation letter

Published by: Kaitlyn on 5th Jan 2017 | View all blogs by Kaitlyn

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Students often have to write their motivation letters. They should always remember that motivation letter is their chance to show what they are capable, how they think and express their thoughts in writing. It is also an opportunity to show maturity and willingness to learn. But writing motivation letters is easier thing than writing their best essays.

Motivation letter should show your personality and distinguish you among other students. They should be honest with themselves. It is important that motivation letter contains the information which they requested. Students shouldn’t try to write everything that they think the selection committee wants to hear. Students have to answer the questions asked. They must note that the whole selection committee is considering many candidates. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the information that students requested. Students can take note of the details, but do not exaggerate. Excessively edited pieces sound artificial. Not exaggerating to describe their experience. Truthfully described little skill or experience will be equally valuable.

Motivation letter must be harmoniously related to your application. The task of the work is to complement and contextualize all what they have said in the application form for admission. Motivation letter is not in order to explain why students’ scores are not as high as one would like. Motivation letter should be easy to read. Also students have to remember that letters written by hand usually are not accepted. In general, the format must take into account sufficient space between the lines. A tone of the letter should be optimistic. These are the main advices in writing motivation letters.


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