Choose the Exemplary Shape for Your Brows

Published by: K Smith on 24th Jul 2017 | View all blogs by K Smith

It is the renowned fact that the well-prepped eyebrows frame a lady's face and can take years off her. Eyebrow fashions generally change, however, groomed eyebrows will dependably be in trend. Another method for accomplishing this prepped look is with the new excellence beauty trend, known as Eyebrow Embroidery.


This is when "hairs" are finely included by means of a hue color onto the eyebrow line with respect to mix in with your general eyebrow shape, making thicker eyebrow or optional shape. This technique is otherwise called 'eyebrow hairline stroke'. Dissimilar to eyebrow tattoos, however, they are semi-permanent and last just for up to 2 years. What you receive from this treatment is a characteristic brow shape.

But before you look for Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore you should first consult with the make-up expert. I have also consulted with the best makeup artist and asked certain questions like –

-          How is it done?

-          Who is it aimed at?

-          Which color of the brow would look best on my face?

-          Which brow eyebrow shape is suitable according to my face?

Through these questions you will get you answers from the expert and he/she will let you know everything after he/she analyze your face completely. Although among colors you can choose to have black, brown eyebrows but what matters the most is the brow shape.

Your eyebrow shape is absolutely not one-size-fits-all. When one gets older, the brows will begin to develop slighter. Owning a set of perfectly groomed brows that is a color lighter than your hair not just accentuates the symmetry of your face, it additionally helps in emphasizing your eyes.

Here with this blog, I have come up with the definitive guideline that will help you to identify the ideal brow shape for your face.

Heart-Shaped Face

For the people who are bless with this face type, soften the pointed chin that acts as the as the point of the heart by going for softer arched brows. It assists in emphasizing the feminine curves towards the top.

Square-Shaped Face

The jawline is the most notable feature for the square-shaped face. To maintain the balance between the jawline and the cheekbones, bolstered brows are best to have to bring focus towards eyes and thinning the appearance of the high forehead and wide jawline.

Round-Shaped Face

Go for delicate angled high arch for that etched look. This extends the face, as well as broadens your eye zone and draws out your cheekbones with a gentle lifting impact, adding definition to your facial bone structure.

Oblong-Shaped Face

With a specific end goal to make the face look shorter, your eyebrows ought to be straight formed over the face, to keep it smooth and level.


Diamond Shaped Face

This face type is honored with the exceptionally angular features. With the wide forehead and pointed chin, a medium-length brow-arc is besides the brow bone brings balance to the jawline and puts least focus on the forehead and eyes.

Oval-Shaped Face

A delicate angled balanced brow is well characterized and the go to brow shape for the well-proportioned oval shaped face. As the brow curves round at the top and bottom, it additionally makes an optical fantasy for that sensitive and ladylike look.

Long-Shaped Face

With facial elements that are spread out vertically, having even and negligibly arched brow will improve your long shaped face to seem more oval.

Looking the benefits or eyebrow embroidery, the craze of this trend is growing towards thicker brows with distinct variations. This is a semi-permanent process and with the usage of finer blades it can provide natural look. But after the treatment you have to take care of your lips and don’t interrupt the healing process.


What are you waiting for? Try not to disregard your brows for they deserve a frame. This is the ideal time to work with your natural brow shape and find that oomph factor with your optimal eyebrow shape today!



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