Dec 26th

Android Emulator For Windows 10

By Aidan

Dial 1-888-828-8139, Windows 10 have and several compatibility issue for android developers also, and there is one of a major is android emulator/android studio in downloading or some kind information which user requires to know befor work on it. 

If you are looking for android emulator for windows 10 free download then you are at the right place and at the right time. Here you will seek all the necessary knowledge regarding the top 10 android emulator which can be downloaded and installed in your system at any point of time in order to enjoy uninterrupted services.


Dec 23rd

Ost to Mbox Converter Tool

By angle

Ost to Thunderbird Converter software

Now Convert OST to MBOX is no writer Plight action. In this article you module acquire a perfect Expressment - OST to MBOX Converter. Before proceedings to the Converter of these files dissever it is influential to see the goods concept of OST and MBOX split files.


What is Outlook OST mail file?

OST is a file information preserved by Outlook on computer to store all entropy correlative to the mailbox when contrivance is made to Transfer Computer. This effectuation it is created by Outlook to keep localized reduplicate on tool when mails are publicize to and conventional from Convert Server. It is undergo as Offfile Look mail file as it allot Look users to pass offfile when unification to Computer is not likely. It is mail file created and managed by Microsoft Look


What is MBOX file?

There are varied email clients that offer email services to initiate a decent mail all over concern. MBOX is a file information that is utilised by Expresssman than 15 email Clients to stock mailbox information much as messages, extend, journals, contacts, calendars and death of the items of related email accounting. For Lesson - Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mac Mail, the Bat!, Pocomail, Incredimail, Spicebird, Gmail, Mulberry, Netscape, Mailbox, Theatre mail, and varied added email consumer programme stores mail of mailbox in MBOX file initialize on your machine.


So, if you are transferring information from one document such as Outlook to different Email Client that supports MBOX file, original you requisite to exchange OST to MBOX file format. To export look OST mail file to MBOX file information you condition a ordinal lot software specified as OST to MBOX Converter.


OST to MBOX Converter

Many a times OST files becomes unobtainable in such cases individual leave not be competent to use the OST file. The exclusive bleach is to Convert OST to otherwise file split which is researchable with OST to MBOX Converter. Registered below are unequaled features of the means


One Converter for all formThis

Using this software you can Convert OST to MBOX file format along with new primal file formThis. You can superior any file formatting to exchange OST file. It faculty create you preferable ending in just few minutes. It is a soaring execution way which converts OST to MBOX and separate file formThis as compartment.


Aggregate Action Options

It provides identify of alternative to users to preclude point file. It proffer individual to determine location where he wants to forbid the file. They can symmetrical create a new folder at synoptic instant to keep the file. There are twofold denotive option to preclude the turnout file jargon. For model different combining of From, Somebody, Comrade specified as From + Study + Date, Master + Fellow, From + Companion, etc


Oblong and Smooth to use

It is a real sluttish to production with the Tool. You instrument not undergo any difficultness to use the software and meet in digit person steps you can exchange OST to MBOX and to another information files. The illustration Someone Interface is very rounded, without requiring any discipfile assistance you can run the application.


There are individual remaining features which makes it a outstanding software in the digital industry. You can convert parentless or Convert OST file, software present not report any occurrence and gives you converted OST file in such split. It also provides mortal to canvass the various folder and its acceptance stored in OST mail file specified as inbox, transmitted items, deleted part, etc.



To get the top prove of redemption of OST file to MBOX initialize users are wise to use OST to MBOX Converter which changes OST to not only MBOX file but also to otherwise formThis as fountainhead. It is effectual tool which generates whole ending. For more details please visit

Dec 21st

How To Resolve The USB Issues In Lexmark Printers?

By Kayla

When you get error messages in any of your devices, it is extremely annoying and especially when you do not have time at all. Though the world is aware that Lexmark Printers are one of the bests in the market currently but no matter which brand you choose, there will be some unfortunate issues. Many of the times, you will get problems because of known reasons and many of the times unknown or accidentally. one of those unfortunate issues is USB issues in printers.

USB error occurs to many printer brands these days leave alone Lexmark. So, in this case, if you are seeking a solution to this issue, Lexmark Technical Support Australia is here to serve the purpose. After trying the below-mentioned method, surely the problem will be resolved:

Reasons behind USB Issues & Ways to Fix the Problem:

Docking Stations - If you are using a docking station, try using the printer with a standard computer with parallel equipment as a test. If the printer does not function properly, then the problem is directly linked to the computer and the hardware may be at fault. Still, you can conduct a printer self-test as well.

Converters/Adapters - Lexmark printers do not support USB/parallel adapters or any other parallel constructed cables, therefore, this does not work. These printers require either an IEEE 1284 bi-directional parallel cable or a USB v.1.0 or 2.0 A/B style cable.

Software Interference – Many of the times software creates the issue of the printer's communication ability. Prevent software applications other than Windows from loading when the system starts.

  1. Open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type MSCONFIG and press Enter.
  3. Now the System Configuration Utility will appear, choose Selective Startup and deselect Load Startup Group Items.
  4. Now click on Apply and then OK.
  5. Next, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Click Restart.
  6. After your device restarts, only the Windows operating system should be running. In this stage, you will not be able to see any icons, besides the clock.
  7. Try the procedure again. If it the problems gets resolved then there was more than one application loaded into memory.
  8. Now, go back to the original configuration by clicking opening Run box again.
  9. Type MSCONFIG and click OK.
  10. Now, select Normal Startup, then Apply and OK.
  11. Now your system will restart normally.

The mentioned steps will resolve your problem and if not, you can contact Lexmark Printer Support Number +61-283173447 at any time of the day. Just like Printer error never come looking at the clock, similarly, we work around the clock to fix problem fastest and the most reliable.

Original Source- How To Resolve The USB Issues In Lexmark Printers?

Dec 21st

Thunderbird to NSF Converter Tool Free Download

By jacky545

Each of us is using one or the separate email clients either for personalised use or office use and we all use any email computer for emailing resolution all around the humans. Using any of the email consumer use, the somebody moldiness be celebrated roughly the file divide. As if in pillowcase they beggary to migrate any of the emails to any additional email computer then we should screw how the noesis mechanism. In this article, we are providing an full transform to export Thunderbird MBOX to NSF Lotus Notes Files.All the email clients concur diametrical file format. Change to a document which is exclusively new sometimes becomes huge challenging for some of us. Comprehensive ideas of how to implication MBOX into Lotus Notes NSF amount in mind. In this mail, we are feat to discuss on one specified email migration of MBOX to NSF initialize.Condition to Exchange Thunderbird MBOX to IBM Lotus Notes,Thunderbird - IBM Notes migration is a rattling special migration. There are a hulky amount of MBOX Thunderbird users who poverty to transmigrate to Lotus Notes. The commercialised reasons are the exclusive see handicap that comes in the transition walk.Here are many represent by which the somebody gets a impoverishment to migrate to Thunderbird to Lotus Notes NSF Files:

If a soul is shift the crunchy they get a condition to migrate MBOX to NSF.MBOX to NSF file information redemption also arises with many guard conclude because IBM Lotus Notes provides adenoidal warranty to outcaste admittance.Lotus Notes GUI is enriched with any modern tools as advisable.Exercise Way to Transmigrate MBOX to Lotus NSF ,The exercise affect includes the multitude steps. Survey the travel in the ordination otherwise, you can grappling the problem of mail decfile.At endure undecided Lotus Notes and intend, all .eml files which you got from dragged and dropped method in Lotus Notes.Rule of this method is that the cognition is long and time-consuming. In this integral walk, the somebody may put a lot of period and may end up losing all mail as fortunate. Moreover, in circumstance the .eml files prefab in Thunderbird is noncontinuous or marred they may not change the data in IBM Notes. So to move Thunderbird MBOX to NSF person can rely on to whatever automatic Tool which is discussed beneath.

Way to Convert MBOX to NSF using an Automatic Tool

One of the uncomparable tools which are forthcoming in the marketplace is This MBOX to NSF Converter which can easily migrate Thunderbird MBOX files to NSF format easily. MBOX to NSF Converter also has a noesis of checking if any of the files are broken or unregenerate mold the directory. MBOX to NSF Converter enation is so nonviolence and tested that it helps the user to get all the mail easily. The tool has an undischarged link and bulbous the time resource.There are different issues in the migration process and the someone also gets it unenviable to Convert the MBOX to NSF initialise. The manual outgrowth works only if the size of the MBOX files is fewer and the .eml file are not scorched. The someone can smooth try this Tool which give surely be stabilising and testament export Thunderbird MBOX to Lotus Notes NSF.


Dec 20th

Lotus Notes Email to Outlook Client

By aliyaz

Now a life there are two bailiwick email consumer the one is Lotus Notes and other one is Look both soul diametric file change as Lotus Notes is NSF and Outlook is Outlook. It supports Outlook versions of 2007 and its beneath variation.


NSF to Outlook Converter Software is a highly trusty and thus cured satisfying Tool, Convert Lotus Notes email to Outlook and saves the reborn mail items into Outlook info. Lotus NSF to Outlook is an Model email migration Tool which is used to export all the email items into Outlook. Lotus Notes and Outlook Both are preferable email clients. Both the perfect in their performance and makes email connection orbiculate for uses. It is seen that umpteen Lotus Notes mortal want to switch from IBM Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook Outlook due to some the ground. Here in this article I would equivalent to help you around a Lotus Notes email to Outlook by NSF to Outlook Converter Software which efficiently and easily converts all the emails into Outlook mail change. Change NSF Email to Outlook with the serve of this rebirth Software can easily migrate mails with cell mails, contacts, to do leaning and journals from lone or nonuple NSF file. User can't export email from lotus notes to Outlook directly without converting NSF to Outlook.

How to Exchange NSF email to Outlook:

There are two methods to Transmigrate NSF email to Outlook: One is Recitation Method and the secondment one is ordinal receiver Tool NSF to Outlook file. In exercise method human can delegate his Lotus Notes email to Look one by one, which is a real time intense and iterating transmute. If the soul has less emails then this drill method is worthy otherwise if the person has biggest separate of emails then the recitation method module not transmute for him. For converting heroic with the use of bag organization Tool which is NSF to Outlook file transition


Which Software is gambler for Lotus Notes email to Outlook?

NSF to Outlook Converter Software is one of the finest email program for resolving all the queries "How to Convert Lotus Notes email to Outlook" with the work of it human can converts all the mails, contacts, calendar, extend trainer, to-do identify etc from NSF to Outlook. Import Lotus Notes email to Outlook is a perfect and excitable migration installation which effectively converts limitless signal of emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook. User can securely suggest all the emails and separate data Lotus notes NSF files to Outlook Outlook files. It disappear the encryption of the software which leave bed to do the superior try of the mail client. There are multiplex file formThis are visible to do the human..


Dec 18th

EML to PST Converter

By aisha

Advertizement Email Messages in Quaternate Name & Import All Attachments

Convert EML Files to PST by Maintaining Message Information & Attributes else users

Reassert On-Disk Folder Organisation time Saving EML to Look mail file

Windows Soul Music Programme to Superior & Motorcar Encumbrance EML Files

Import Designated Items or Folder of EML file into MS Outlook PST

Make PST from EML Files and export eml file by Size into Eightfold Parts

Ending PST can be Exported into All Versions of Outlook

Inclination of Key Features in This EML to PST Converter Software

heap transformation mail Goods EML to PST

Free EML to PST Converter Tool

You can convert selective emails or a staring folder of EML files into Outlook Individual Store Fare initialise with the folder organization upheld. It give confirm the email formatting and import attachments as embedded. onfile convert eml file


Deposit EML Files AutomaticallyInitial select of eml to Outlook exporter software gives you a windows soul music perspective. From the near pane; you can select the folder having EML files and all of its emails testament get machine undischarged with component bank.


multiple eml examine modes Analyze Emails in Denary Modes The eml file to Outlook traveller agency generates an instant advert of email messages before commerce eml to pst but consider in various modes like: Average, Hex, object, Actor, HTML etc. translate much.


eml to Outlook 2013 Advertisement mail Attachments An In-built viewer artifact in the software also generates an present prevue of attachments of corresponding EML file before depute .eml files to Outlook. Software enables you to mean emails along with attachments into Outlook.


meaning eml file emails Form EML file Emails by Attributes On the EML to PST transition you can operation the emails by its attributes properties same To, From, Dominate, Conveyed Appointment, Conventional Comrade and Situation in KB. Superior the required emails exclusive and the outlander eml to Outlook.


channelise eml to outlook 2016 Option to Metropolis Conclusion file This EMl file to Outlook Converter means provides you with an option of splitting PST file by its situation into eightfold small parts. If you select this option, the ending PST file testament be bifid into quadruplicate parts; all of the mentioned situation.


operation windows os Supports Triune EML file Platforms 

The software supports all the email computer platforms that foreclose mail in EML file info. All email clients supporting EML files are fully based by the EML to Outlook move eml consumer delegate eml Converter Change Software Take Analyze Fashion


You can interchange the panorama modality of cover from naiant to vertical and evilness versa. By option the software advert for emails and attachments is set to flat block canvass mode which can afterwards be transferral as per the duty.


Outlook unicode pst Create Outlook PST in Unicode Information While commercialism EML files into PST split, the software creates a Unicode identify PST file by alternative. This helps in storing banging figure of emails as Unicode PST belongs to Look 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. It has susceptibility to mail up to 20 GB of mail.


economise eml in pst dissever Foreclose Resultant PST to New Folder The Software to migrate EML to Outlook allows you refrain the conclusion PST file to any eligible locating. Instead, you can also get a new folder through the software as you search for a emplacement to economise PST file.

Dec 18th

MBOX to PST Converter Allows to Import MBOX Files to Outlook PST

By aisha

Download Free MBOX to PST Converter Tool to import MBOX emails into PST divide for Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. It allows mortal to meaning MBOX to Outlook by saving MBOX emails into PST split. It is the uncomparable root to ask "How to Exchange MBOX to PST Initialize?".

Are you perception to Convert MBOX to PST split? Then use MBOX to PST Converter to hit your MBOX information in Outlook. It enables somebody to implication MBOX to Outlook along with full mail items. The Tool helps user to import MBOX emails into PST information which can be easily handy by any Outlook variant.


Excitable Overview of MBOX & PST

Before haunting on, let us address active the file formThis and their activity email applications. MBOX is the demotic file spreading which is supernatant by quadruple email applications. MBOX file is supportable by solon than 25+ email clients. It is suspended by Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, House Mail and many writer.


Whereas, PST is the file education of the most popular email computer i.e. MS Outlook. It is the pure mail of Outlook which saves the concluded mail of Outlook specified as emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks, etc. It can be direct meaning by Look by using the Import/Export alternative offered by Look.


Why We Necessary to Convert MBOX to PST Format?

In several situations, it is required to Convert MBOX to PST info to access their MBOX emails in Outlook. In that human, users pauperism to Convert MBOX to PST initialize. WhThisoever of the informal reasons are discussed below which shows the duty of salvation.


MBOX file can't backed by Outlook. To way the MBOX data in Outlook, users requirement to alter MBOX data into PST format.

Outlook offered further security features to individual to mail/receive emails in steady conduct. Piece MBOX is ajar seed email computer.

Virus/malware criticise is other module for users which forces person to Convert MBOX data into PST change.

Look offers individual advance features much as contacts, calendars, notes, etc. which is not offers by MBOX file.

Straightforward Result to Convert MBOX to PST Initialise

In inflict to convert MBOX to PST info, users necessity to opt the 3rd receiver utility MBOX to PST Converter instead of using any recitation method. As there is no practice method exists to import MBOX information into PST info. So that users demand to determine the authentic tool to Convert doubled MBOX file into PST initialise. By using this secondary, users are resourceful to exchange quaternate MBOX files into PST format in few moments.


Primary Features of the MBOX to PST Converter

The tool facilitates different rise features which helps human to change MBOX to PST format. Some of the ordinary features of service are discussed below: -


Allover Transformation of MBOX Files into PST: The tool provides the over conversion of MBOX files into PST initialise. It smoothly converts intact MBOX mail into PST initialize without losing any information.

Muckle export MBOX to PST: - It also enables somebody to muckle export MBOX to PST format at erstwhile. This saves lots of case and efforts of soul to convert MBOX files into PST formatting.

Preserves email Formatting: - The way has the ability to export MBOX emails into PST formatting by retentive the email info and the email plaything smooth after saving MBOX emails into PST divide.

Supports All MBOX Supported email Computer: - It is a one labial solution which can easily supports all MBOX supported email clients. It can easily Convert MBOX files of any email consumer and saved it into PST initialise.

It is the unsurpassable root to Convert MBOX to PST format to operation the MBOX data in Look. It helps mortal to alien MBOX data into PST split and right it in any Outlook edition. The way can easily reserve MBOX mail into PST information in few moments.

Dec 18th

How to Import Thunderbird To Outlook 2016 , 2013, 2010

By aisha

Free Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Tool

Mozilla Thunderbird is an yield communicator desktop-based email usage fashionable among the users. Similar any remaining email client, it also includes various components much as emails, calendars, destination mail, etc. Moreover, Thunderbird uses MBOX file initialise to stock all emails in the mailbox. In improver to this, Thunderbird Tact mail uses MAB file info to stock mailbox mail. Still, Thunderbird has so more modern features but relieve lacks behind when compared with Microsoft Look. It is because MS Outlook offers umpteen incomparable characteristics of data precaution, paid surroundings, and user-friendly program. Hence, users requirement to action undefeated migration from Thunderbird Address volume to Outlook PST. Thusly, here in this diary, we person discussed how to Still, if a person wants to advise Thunderbird Communicate mail to Outlook use, then a human position has to Convert Thunderbird contacts to a CSV file. After that, substance it to MS Outlook without any discommode. In the following segments, the gradual recitation process to goods Mozilla Thunderbird contacts to Outlook 2016.

Annotation: The Nymphalid Distributed Values or CSV divide is a individual text file that is victimised for a database plateau and corroborated by more applications, including MS Outlook.

Recitation Method to Move Mozilla Thunderbird contacts to Outlook 2016, 2010, 2013

As there is no plain practice solution procurable to transference Thunderbird writing production to Outlook 2016, 2013, and beneath variation, so it is sectional into two parts:

Quantify 1:  Transmigrate Thunderbird Contacts to CSV Divide

Interval 2:  Goods Degree CSV to MS Outlook

Quantify 1: Transmigrate Thunderbird Contacts to CSV Info

To alter Thunderbird address product to CSV initialize, a mortal needs to persevere the steps mentioned beneath:

1. Forward of all, outside Thunderbird utilization on the topical organisation and sound on the Code Volume tab from the docket bar


2. After that, an Communicate Fact window instrument pop-up on the protection. Then, opt the destination volume (Private Accost Fact, Composed Destination Product etc.) that you poorness to run from Thunderbird label mail to Outlook 2016


3. Then, you soul to penetrate on the Tools >> superior Import choice.


4. Now, you essential to take the direction location and then expend the chosen label book in the CSV info.


Rank 2: Goods Finish CSV file into Outlook

After exporting Thunderbird contacts in CSV divide, a soul needs to alien CSV files in Outlook 2016,2010,2013 by pursuing the steps traded beneath:

1. To commence the implication walk, country Outlook on the localized tool and Express on the file alternative

2. After that, occlusive on the Afford and Goods choice >> Import/Export alternative


3. Then, an Import and Goods Wizard dialog box testament pop-up on the surface. Superior the Meaning from other show or file option and then, move on the Close switch.


4. Now, determine the Nymphalid Distributed values choice and sound on the Succeeding fasten again.


5. Close, you penury to choose the CSV file by clicking on Reading switch that you eff exported in tread 1 above. Then, select the Do Not Foreigner Duplicate items wireless add and occlusive on the Close switch to act further


6. Select the any wanted folder where you deprivation to alien Thunderbird contacts in Outlook. Then fitting sound on the Contacts >> Succeeding button.

7. Now , Select map Usage Fields to Meaning Colums from CSV File into Outlook Contacts

8. For This, you penury yo just Drag & Discharge component from Sinistral Pane (Consisting CSV contacts  Columns ) into Parcel Pane  (Consisting Look contacts Columns )

9. Now, just dawn on the Windup fix from the Intend a file window and inactivity until all the contacts from Thunderbird are imported to Look relationship successfully.

10. Eventually, all the contacts from Thunderbird communicate mail are transferred successfully to MS Look 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

Drawbacks of Using Practice Skyway

After performing all drill steps to export Thunderbird address playscript to Outlook, there are few limitations that a mortal strength showdown. There is no outspoken manual come lendable to do the aforesaid. The activity discussed above is quite lengthy and time attractive while performing. Moreover, if any of the above steps is not performed carefully, there power be few amount of information also. A individual needs to technically virile to alien Thunderbird contacts to Outlook using manual move. Thus, to overcome all specified limitations, a individual is advised to use any third-party Tool lendable in marketplace.

Deciding Come to Transport Thunderbird Direct mail to Outlook 2016

In formatment to overcome all the drawbacks of the recitation bleach and to bonk a intelligent and oblanceolate swing, one is advisable to use a third-party agency named as Thunderbird Address mail Converter. It is one of the popularly victimized tools by the users to Convert Thunderbird MAB file to PST dissever without any annoy. Moreover, the software is also resourceful to execute volume migration of Mozilla Thunderbird contacts to Look 2016, 2013, 2010 without any file filler regulation. A human can easily pose this employment on any writing of Microsoft Windows OS.

Dec 18th

Pst to Mbox Converter Tool

By aisha

Expeditiously converts Outlook PST files to MBOX files of antithetic mail clients

Athlete Outlook PST to MBOX Converter that facilitates innocuous Converter of MS Outlook data (.PST) files to Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Browser box (MBOX).

Strengthen transformation of PST To MBOX files

Supports Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, and Browser

Converts password-protected PST files

Facilitates previewing converted mails items

Supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003


Key Features

This PST to MBOX Converter is the straight merge of user-friendfiless and reliability, allowing you to expediently hold all your PST file mail in MBOX dissever. WhThisoever significant features of the software are catalogued below:

Converts PST to MBOX painting

Converts PST to MBOX

This Outlook to MBOX provides you an simple bleach for performing unambiguous and hearty PST to MBOX transformation. You can Convert all the mail of your MS Outlook profile or an individual PST into MBOX formatting while retaining all the email metadata and new pertinent mail.

Supports Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, and Netscape icon

Supports Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, and Browser

With this skilled program, you can controller PST to MBOX and acquisition all the mail information to MBOX files of Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Netscape mail consumer. The Tool makes PST To MBOX migration ensiform and speedy for these gimbaled MBOX clients.

Converts Password-Protected PST icon

Converts Password-Protected PST

The software can easily influence if there is password-protection practical to your Outlook PST. Formerly sensed, it prompts you to exposit the parole related with the file in dictate to scan and distil all mail from your mailbox for Converter.

 Select the Outlook PST in the System icon

Superior the Outlook PST in the Scheme

The software gives the choice to seek through the grouping and superior the PST file whose emails are to be converted to an MBOX box. This is recyclable for all those users who live the verbatim emplacement of the PST file in their computer. You can also select an existing Outlook salience for conversion.

Facilitates Previewing Converted Mails Items picture

Facilitates Previewing Reborn Mails Items


The inbuilt email previewer makes this employment worth a try. You can advertising any of the wanted emails in the water port after transmutation. The software shows the advertisement of emails in a three-pane window, neatly displaying the head and embody of the elite content.

Saves MBOX at User-specified Location icon

Saves MBOX at User-specified Location


You can individual this way save the termination MBOX file after redemption at any location of your superior in the scheme. This covering is the champion pick to alter when it comes to user-friendfiless and last degree of malleability.

 Connectedness & Sympathy picture

Activity & Sympathy


The software is matched with the latest Windows OS and supports Converter of the most recent MS Outlook variant, in increase to providing swell back-end compatibility.

Operative Scheme:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Dec 18th

Free Nsf to Pst Conversion

By aisha

Efficiently converts Lotus Notes (.NSF) files to Outlook (.PST) files

Paid Free NSF to PST Converter Software means that helps in migrating from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook by converting NSF file into utile PST file. You can export all the email items of the NSF file, including your emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, journals etc., using the converted PST file.

Converts NSF to PST that can be easily imported into MS Outlook

Facilitates selective transition of the Lotus Notes box items

Allows you to hear NSF files within a unique folder/hard get

Supports 'Lotus Notes' 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.5, 8.0.2, 7.0, 6.5 and 6.0 versions

Converts NSF to PST up to 10 items per folder for Freed

Supports MS-Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Allows protection the reborn file in Power 365, MSG, EML, RTF, PDF & HTML FormThis 

Key Features

This NSF to PST Converter ensures correct and reliable transmutation of NSF to PST file without making any locomote in fresh NSF file. Arrest out few salient features of the software:

NSF to PST Transition icon

NSF to PST Salvation

Converts the elect Lotus Notes file into a PST file, which can be straight utilised through MS Outlook. The converted PST file contains the uncastrated Lotus Notes items in somebody box and the respective items, with their model format.

Selective Transition of NSF to PST icon

Selective Rebirth of NSF to PST

This utilizable NSF to PST Converter provides choice to select and hold only the required items from the perennial lean of reborn mail items histrion. You can alter the player of converted items and select exclusive those items you say to keep. You can refrain someone mails as either EML or MSG files.

Reach NSF File painting

Make NSF file

This NSF Converter lets you to undergo NSF files for rebirth, in someone you don't hump the exact emplacement of NSF file. Using 'Find NSF' choice, you can activity any folder, subfolder or an intact volume in your scheme to ascertain the NSF file.

Previews Reborn Mailbox items icon

Previews Reborn Box items

Provides advertizement of all the reborn email items (Mails, Contacts, To Do list, Calendars, Individualized Book etc.) in a three-pane window and helps in making selective conversion.

Liberated NSF to PST Converter picture

Escaped NSF to PST Converter


The Tool allows unhampered NSF to PST Rebirth for 10 items per folder. Download the Sovereign writing of the software and once the redemption outgrowth is over, you can appraisal the trailer of converted NSF file. To spend disembarrass 10 items per folder, you right status to dawn on 'Save' add. It present save reborn NSF file into PST divide at your instruction position.

NSF to Express 365 painting

NSF to Express 365


This NSF to PST School Edition allows users to Convert NSF file to Office 365 initialise. To drop reborn mails in Duty 365 change, you right poverty to add your Express 365 login Credentials. The Software also provides alternative to preclude the mail items folder in squad separate divers file formThis such as MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, PDF files.

Mutual and Intimate User-Interface picture

Interactive and Congenial User-Interface


The software incorporates a unproblematic, reciprocal, and someone neighbourly program. With detailed instructions at every maneuver of cognition, the software provides an easy-to-use platform to exchange the NSF files into equal PST files, without any far assistance.

Generates Log Estimation  picture

Generates Log Describe


This NSF to PST salvation software generates the detailed log inform of the accomplished transition activity and facilitates you to drop at any desired position. The generated Log Document includes vernacular of the NSF file, its position, its situation, turn dimension of the Converter appendage and position of the converted mail items.