Sep 29th

Outlook OST file to PST Converter Software

By jason

Through eSoftTools Outlook OST file to PST Converter Software all users recover selective single and multiple OST folders from Exchange OST file and restore OST file into PST, EML, MSG, HTML, EMLX and vCard format. OST Converter Software allows to convert selective folders of OST file with maintains data integrity to restore data into PST file. Get More Info:


Sep 28th

An issue was discovered on BLU R1 HD devices with Shanghai Adups software

By jeames

An issue was discovered on BLU R1 HD devices with Shanghai Adups software. The two package names involved in the exfiltration are com.adups.fota and com.adups.fota.sysoper. In the com.adups.fota.sysoper app's AndroidManifest.xml file, it sets the android:sharedUserId attribute to a value of android.uid.system which makes it execute as the system user, which is a very privileged user on the device. Therefore, the app executing as the system user has been granted a number of powerful permissions even though they are not present in the com.adups.fota.sysoper app's AndroidManifest.xml file. This app provides the com.adups.fota app access to the user's call log, text messages, and various device identifiers through the com.adups.fota.sysoper.provider.InfoProvider component. The com.adups.fota app uses timestamps when it runs and is eligible to exfiltrate the user's PII every 72 hours. If 72 hours have passed since the value of the timestamp, then the exfiltration will be triggered by the user plugging in the device to charge or when they leave or enter a wireless network. The exfiltration occurs in the background without any user interaction.

Sep 27th

Test for Adups’ spyware and disable it

By jeames

Kryptowire recently exposed Adups software preinstalled in thousands of phones by Adups. The spyware was collection (PII) personally identifiable information such as the apps usage data, contents of your text messages, and call logs and sending them to a third party server. This was done without the users knowledge.

The phones affected by Adups in US were the models manufactured by BLU Products. This company stated saying the problem had been fixed after an update by FOTA provider Adups. The company altered the applications responsible for the spyware so that they can no longer collect and gather any PII.

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After Kryptowire released more details concerning the report it made, there is a possibility that this fix may just be getting rid of the larger problem under the rug. According to Kryptowire, the spyware isnt only limited to Adup-related packages. The exfiltration app logic can be transferred to any other package. It can also steal your PII assuming the application has the permissions to get the owners personal data.

On the handset, the two apps causing the Adups issue cant be disabled in any way by the users, unless they root their handsets and delete them.

FOTA provider Adups stated that they used the remote app (un)installation abilities to update com.adups.fota application with one which doesnt exfiltrate personal identifiable information. They could also use the remote uninstallation capabilities to get rid of the and alter a few parameters in the server to start efiltration again. This is the solution till they offer a firmware update which substitutes the com.adups.fota.package.

Test your device for Adups spyware

How can your test your handset if it is affected? Normally, according to Kryptowire, youd have to make sure your handset is rooted to locate the affected files and deactivated them. Fortunately, there is another workaround that is more convenient.

Android Phones that can be affected by Adups Chinese Spyware

You only need to download an application called Debloater which is available on macOS and Windows.

Install the program.

Install Debloater and make sure USB debugging on your handset is activated. Connect your smartphone to a computer that has an effective USB cable and hit Read Device packages which is found at the top-left side of the programs window.

The program reads all your phones packages and then list them alphabetically. Adups is at the topmost of the list. In case you happen to see the two packages, you handset is affected. If this is not the cause, you are good to go.

Disable the spyware

Select the Adups packages (com.adups.fota.sysoper and com.adups.fota) by checking the box at the left side of their names.

Tap Apply and then let Debloater do the rest for you. If you hit Read Device Packages, it should show that the two packages are blocked.

Source: Wonderhowto

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Sep 25th

With this great app-no need to hire Grand Palace Bangkok tour guide

By Action

Bangkok in Thailand is a splendid city with several sights worth visiting several temples, Chinatown and the Grand Palace. The Royal Grand Palace is the most iconic monument of the city and Thai people consider it as the holiest shrine of the country. The Grand Palace Bangkok Tour guide app will help you to explore the Grand Palace. The place is magnificent and fascinating with awe-inspiring architecture and stunning buildings. There are royal temples situated inside the palace grounds and Wat Phra Kaew is the main temple where the Emerald Buddha statue is enshrined.


 It is a magnificent structure carved out of a single piece of Jade stone and is very famous throughout the world for its craftsmanship.  When planning a visit to the Palace a strict dress code must be followed and you must wear full sleeved long tops with full-length trousers. Grand Palace Bangkok opening times are from 8.30am to 3.30pm so make sure to plan your visit during those times.


There are several places of interest within the palace like The Throne Hall, Royal guest house, Reception Palace and the Coronation hall and you can discover all of them with a virtual Grand Palace Bangkok Tour Guide, which is an amazing app designed for your mobile phone and tablets.



The Bangkok Tour Guide app  for Android and Apple includes following features:

·         The app works offline i.e., no need of internet while you are enjoying the tour.

·         The audio and transcripts provide enhanced information regarding all the famous places.

·         Make your tour flexible in the app by skipping certain places which you are not interested.

·         The app has nice images of all the monuments and you can share it with family and friends.

·          The 3D maps help your navigation in the palace easier.

·         The app has a list of all important places so you don’t miss out any important place.

This awesome app at your fingertips is your Grand Palace Bangkok Tour guide so before visiting the gorgeous monuments make sure to download it to your tablet or mobile phone for better exploration.




Sep 21st

Sweat Slim Belt India to Lose Fat

By Manisha

Sweat Slim Belt is a wonderful formula that helps in removing the unwanted fat from your body and makes you look slim and smart. This slimming solution is one of the best slimming products ever, made up of comfortable fabric and has no side effects to human body. The product not just helps in reduce excessive body weight but has got great benefits to your body. Sweat slim belt prevents you from high blood pressure and diabetes related problems. Apart from that, it helps in improving your appetite and digestion processes in the body. 

Sweat slim belt is an amazing slimming wear which can easily use anytime and anywhere. These all helps you in reducing the extra kgs of your body, making you look smart and healthy. 

Excessive fat deposition in the body leads to obesity and other weight problems. Sweat slim belt is invention is the one of the safest way out to reduce the extra fat from your body. The product is 100% safe, and good for both genders. Order this affordable weight losing solution with best discount offer. 

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Sep 20th

Nintendo Switch Offer 30FPS To NBA 2K18

By Bunny

As officially confirmed, owners of Switch will have to deal with technical drawbacks on the upcoming basketball title "NBA 2K18". Therefore only 30FPS are offered on Switch.

It is known as "NBA 2K18" beside the consoles as well as the PC also for Nintendo's current platform Switch published.

According to official data, switches are to be offered all the features that the other versions have to offer. The switch version of "NBA 2K18" is now available in eShop. The retail version will follow on October 17, according to 2K Sports.

Matching the release of "NBA 2K18" was officially confirmed by the fact that "NBA 2K18" players have to arrange on switch with technical drawbacks. While the basketball title is displayed on the PC, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 with 60FPS, the switch is only 30FPS.

In spite of this, 2K Sports on Switch's decision makers promise an impressive technique, which is supposed to excite the hardware of the switch accordingly. In addition, it was confirmed once again that in the case of "NBA 2K18" on switch consciously the support of Amiibos was renounced.

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Sep 19th

Delhi Escorts | College Girls at your Home 24/7 Available

By Ragni


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Sep 14th

How to Fix the TurboTax Installation Issues

By Maria

Intuit’s TurboTax is the most popular tax preparation software allowing users to file tax returns with no hassles. When using this software, you do not need to pay the accountants for tax filing process. However, being a technology product, it might encounter issues during the installation process. The problems could be computer-specific due to the system configuration or program-specific because of the outdated or incompatible version. In such a situation, you should call the professionals by dialing the TurboTax customer service phone number to order to resolve them out instantly. There are many troubleshooting solutions you can also try to solve these problems.

Solution 1 - Follow Installation Guidelines

You can prevent the installation issues by following the correct setup instructions. For example, you should make sure that your PC, where it’s a Windows or Mac-based, fulfills the computer specifications required for the TurboTax version you’re trying to install. Also, try to sign into the computer as an admin and make sure that the installation CD is not damaged. You should also make sure that you’re not installing the out-of-date version of the TurboTax program. To learn the step-by-step guidance, you can check the user manual given on the TurboTax website.

Solution 2 - Fix Common Installation Problems

Some Windows users have reported the setup issues encountered due to the .Net Framework and Windows Installer errors. In such a situation, go to the Intuit’s official website and search for the particular errors along with the solutions of them. If you’re facing the TurboTax downloading issues with your Mac, you can also follow the troubleshooting guide available on the website to fix the problems. For immediate support, you can also contact the Intuit customer care online. They will provide the step-by-step guidance to install your TurboTax program easily and efficiently.

Solution 3 - If nothing helps, get customer support

If the problems continue, you can use the other helpful resources provided by the Intuit. You can call the TurboTax Customer Service Number experts by calling the toll-free phone numbers listed on the Contactforhelp and get immediate solutions regarding your questions. You just need to address your queries to professionals who are always ready to assist you to settle down all the main setbacks associated with the TurboTax programs.  You can also get assistance if you don’t know how to prepare and file the tax returns using the TurboTax. 

Sep 13th

What To Do If You Can’t See Images in Adobe Reader

By Maria

The portable document format (PDF) allows the users to view and print their documents on different types of devices and computers.  The PDF file is also capable of inserting photos within the text. If you’re unable to see your pictures when viewing a document in Adobe Reader, you may require updating the Reader or change the settings. In these circumstances, you can call on the Adobe customer support number for a hassle-free solution.

Scanning Problems

Adobe Reader X has a known issue that can be the reason of images to display as black boxes while scanning a black & white newspaper to the PDF file. This issue is mainly encountered due to the interface mode utilized when investigating. To fix the problem, click the ‘Custom Scan’ tab and choose the ‘Show Native Interface of Scanner’ option under the ‘User Interface’ section when you create a PDF file.

Problems in Previous Versions

When you try to export a large file with pictures to the PostScript document, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 might show the message saying that ‘An error exists on this page’ and won’t show the pictures in the following PostScript file. The PDFMaker plugin in Adobe Reader 9.0 can also prevent photos from appearing correctly, as it might show photos as black boxes while changing the MS Office document to the PDF file format. At such time, you can fix the problems simply by upgrading the Adobe Reader to the latest version.

Show Large Pictures

You can set up Adobe Reader to not show large photos in the PDF document. To use the Reader application on your PC, your computer needs at least 256MB of memory and a 1.3 GHz processor. This feature can enhance the performance while reading documents on your system that doesn’t meet the computer requirements. However, it may cause some pictures in a document not being displayed. You can set up Reader to view all photos by clicking the ‘Edit’ menu and choosing the ‘Preferences’ tab via the drop-down menu. Click the ‘Page Display’ heading in the left corner of the screen, select the ‘Show large images’ check box and click the ‘OK’ button.

No Images in Document

You can save troubleshooting time by opening your document in other PDF viewers. If you’re still incapable of seeing pictures when opening your PDF file in another application, it’s possible that the document doesn’t have any images. However, if you’re able to see the pictures in another PDF viewer, Adobe Reader might have problems. In such a situation, you should call on the Adobe customer service number and speak with the professionals to get immediate solutions for several problems related to the Adobe Reader. 

Sep 8th

Witness huge developments with the Dwarka Expressway projects

By Vijay

Dwarka Expressway, an 18 KM stretch that connects Gurgaon to Dwarka and to the rest of Delhi, is a scenic drive through. With almost 14 KM stretch that is completed and Dwarka has also seen rapid development in the real estate sector. High rise apartments, integrated townships are the attractions on the Dwarka Expressway projects. It is undoubtedly one of the longest stretches that house residential and commercial spaces in India.

Housing options

The Dwarka Expressway projects primarily to provide housing options in all dimensions. From flats, condos, apartments, and Independent Villas, the housing options that are available to buyers, investors and real estate agents are enormous. Sectors have already sprung up on the Expressway that is specifically for the living spaces for families. The Dwarka Expressway projects are expected to house 42,000 residential spaces of which at least 50% are already purchased by the investors. The remaining of the residential properties are currently un-launched to the investors.

Commercial Spaces

The expanse along the Expressway is also open to commercial projects and sectors 81 to 115 have been developed alongside several commercial spaces. The Dwarka Expressway projects will have commercial properties for leasing/ renting and available for starting up of public utilities too. Leading developers and property agents provide for the best construction for your commercial space needs. There are independent plots too where business ventures can be started. Prebuilt retail shops, office spaces can be bought or rented from the Dwarka Expressway projects.

Road to Future

Dwarka Expressway has been built with a futuristic and expanding thought considering the movement of the crowd to Delhi, Gurgaon and Dwarka. In compliance with the Gurgaon-Manesar plan of 2031, wide roads, housing & commercial establishments with ample parking spaces are constructed in the Dwarka Expressway projects. The amenities that come with the residential and commercial spaces are appreciable – you experience facilities from hospitality, health care, education. The transport system is also expected to extend till the Expressway.

Dwarka Apartment

The South West Real Estate company, DwarkaApartment, can facilitate your interest in investing into the Dwarka Expressway projects. Considering the expansion momentum, the projects will yield the returns that you anticipate and it will be important to channelize your investments through an authentic and right channel. Dwarka Apartment has been in this domain to guide every investor efficiently. Their clientele can speak volumes about their cost effective operating model and the trust that they have built with their customers over time!