Aug 19th

Shaw has been linked to Madden NFL 18 Coins

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Shaw has been linked to multiple coaching vacancies but has not formally interviewed with any teams. The Pacers will play a Madden NFL 18 Coins deciding Game 7 against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals on Monday.


Wojnarowski also reports the. Nets have not shown any inclination in meeting with Lionel Hollins despite the Memphis Grizzlies giving him permission to speak with other teams, as well as previous reports linking the two sides. More from SB Nation:• George Karl "unsettled" with.


Nuggets, could leave for Clippers• Grant Hill retires as a model for future stars• Why Tyson Chandler still matters• How Paul George got to this point• The Halfy Hour: Best NBA fights ever.


NBA mock draft 2013: Going away from the consensus | SB Nation's Big Board The Memphis Grizzlies have given head coach Lionel Hollins permission to speak with other teams, according to Yahoo!


Sports Adrian Wojnarowski. Hollins' contract with the Grizzlies expires on June 30, leaving his status with the franchise uncertain.Hollins has been the head coach of the Grizzlies since 2009.


This season, the Grizzlies finished fifth in the Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Western Conference with a 56-26 record before being swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals. Hollins has served as Grizzlies head coach in three separate stints and compiled a 214-201 coaching record overall.Grizzly Bear Blues.

Aug 18th

Because the Spurs set so Madden NFL 18 Coins

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Danny Green. Because the Spurs set so Madden NFL 18 Coins many different kinds of ball screens, it's tough for the defense to key in on any single one. That split second of hesitation is all San Antonio needs.Read all of Mike Prada's NBA play breakdowns.


MISDIRECTIONSpeaking of split seconds of hesitation, that's the effect of San Antonio's misdirection, used to perfection on multiple occasions in Game 1. The Spurs are masters at pretending like one play is being run, then going into another play before the defense can react.


They used misdirection to set up a crucial three-pointer by Green with just over two minutes remaining. At first glance, this looks like a standard pick-and-roll to get Parker going towards the basket and away from LeBron James' watchful eye.But all is not what it seems.


The Spurs are actually planning a multiple-pass series of triggers that are designed to either get Cheap Madden 18 Coins Duncan or Green the ball. Rather than attack the basket, Parker dribbles out and feeds Ginobili on the opposite side.From here, all Ginobili must do is read the defense. The Spurs had been victimized by Mike Miller's aggressive help rotations to cut off the roll man earlier in the game, so this time, they set up a play that will open up Miller's man.


Green, if Miller helps again. Sure enough, Duncan rolls, Miller drops down and this cross-court pass to Green is suddenly open.Miller is way too far into the lane to recover and Green hits a huge shot. Despite all this, though, the biggest reason San Antonio expertly navigated Miami's traps is ...

Aug 16th

ST Announces Robust and Reliable USB Type-C ?? Controller

By jeames

STMicroelectronics has introduced two new USB Type-C ™ standard certified port controller chips. The new product built-in protection circuitry helps designers achieve cost-effective interfaces that support USB integration requirements, including Power Negotiation, Managed Active Cables, and Guest Protocols stand by).


  USB Type-C standard provisions of the cable can be positive and negative plug, so that the interconnection of various devices become more simple. The Type-C interface also supports all USB features, including 480Mbps USB 2.0 and 10Gbps USB 3.1 data transfer; 5V / 0.5A, up to 20V / 5.0A power supply; extended connection distance of Managed Active Cables active cable management; with the same cable Transmission of HDMI or DisplayPort and other protocol signals in alternating mode. Allowing users to connect more easily, to ensure that each line is connected correctly, need to use more complex interface components. In addition, the power supply function of the 20V maximum bus voltage (VBUS) requires additional circuitry to protect the low voltage circuit.

STMicroelectronics' new control chip simplifies the design of the designer, one of which is a dedicated control chip for the downstream port (DFP), and the other is a dual-role port (DRP) controller that can be used to control downstream ports (DFP), And can be used to control the uplink port (UFP). Two new products support Type-C cable connection and interface direction detection, the operating voltage range of 3V to 22V, no external regulator, which can reduce the number of components, saving board space.      Using STMicroelectronics' high-performance analog CMOS process, the new USB Type-C controller combines low power and robustness and high voltage advantages. CC line overvoltage protection up to 22V, high voltage pin up to 28V, if the accident on the VBUS short circuit, overvoltage protection mechanism to prevent the circuit burned. VBUS and VCONN power lines also have a single chip discharge circuit, allowing users to safely pull out the cable


The STUSB4710 DFP controller is primarily used for power supply terminals such as AC power adapters, power supplies, USB HUB splitter, cradle, smart plugs, and displays. This chip integrates all the circuitry needed to shake hands with the connected device, supporting up to five deliveries (Power Delivery Profiles). Through the internal non-volatile memory, the parameters can be fully customized to deal with the entire connection process, no external CPU intervention, it can be used directly, without additional hardware and software. If it is a multi-port application (for example, a dragline), through a I²C interface, multiple STUSB4710 chips can be connected to a microcontroller (MCU) to implement the power allocation algorithm.


STUSB1602 can manage USB Type-C ports in power supplies or devices. On-chip configuration channel (CC) control logic can manage the entire connection establishment process, including selecting VBUS default, medium or high current mode. In addition, the chip also integrates a protected programmable 600mA VCONN power switch to support accessories and active cables. STUSB1602 also implements a USB PD physical layer (including biphase tagged IP) that supports external microcontrollers to implement the transport software stack. The hardware and software are certified via USB PD 2.0 receiving terminal and power supply terminal. In addition, the product is compatible with USB PD 3.0 core features and most options. STUSB1602 supports attachment mode and battery no power mode.


    The product is available in 4mm x 4mm QFN24 package.


    The STUSB1602 evaluation board (P-NUCLEO-USB002) includes the STM32F0 microcontroller and a type-C cable.


    STUSB4710 evaluation board (STEVAL-ISC003V1) built-in DC / DC converter


Aug 1st

How email have changed the way of our communication?

By Sam

Email are useful, well that’s a fact. Emails allow a user to send an message to their loved ones and their colleagues within a second. Emails have changed the way we used to communicate with each other. It used to take days for a single letter to reach its destination earlier however, now the time have changed. A person can just write a message by just sitting on a computer from the comfort of his home and have the conversation with people across the globe in real time. Now, that’s amazing.

There are various companies who are offering wide range of email services to the consumers and lots of them are living up to the expectation of the users. Companies like Gmail, AOL, Charter, Yahoo, Bellsouth, SBCglobal and many others. All of them have a huge customer base, amazing customer service and an attitude to never let down their customers. However, among from above mentioned Email service provider there are only few who lead the pack and one of them is Yahoo!.

Yahoo is also email service providers like other mentioned above and have somewhat similar characteristics from the other mentioned emails. Nevertheless, the things which makes it’s a top contender in the Email service provider market is, that it was the first few companies who had started this service in the USA. Yahoo has been in the market for many decades and in 90s, it was the pioneer of the email service provider market.

Yahoo tries to stand apart from its competitor and sometime barley able to catch up to features of other emails services, which led to its decline in the early 2000s. Yahoo has seen a huge fall on its user base due to its incompatibility to cope with the other email service provider in the market who were offering and creating a range of new and innovative features and that to at very low prices.

Yahoo took a blow when its server got hacked and nearly 50 million of user’s data was breached and compromised. It created a panic attack within its users and they started shifting to other email service provider which is much more protected and secured than yahoo. The blow was so hard, that yahoo and all its subsidiaries were sold in mere 4 billion dollars. The amount is pretty big “I Know” but a company whose worth was more than 20 billion few years back and being sold at one fifth of its value comes as an shock, not just to me but to many even to its share holders.

From that day, begins the downfall of yahoo. On every day, there are thousands of queries by yahoo users regarding their issues and what’s more daunting was that there is no one to call as there lines were so busy that they were unable to respond to many of their customers’ requests. Some of the issues were very common and some of them were so much hard and complicated that the users started to switch to other email service providers such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook and other to name few. Those problems were genuine, so I am mentioning them below. 

Problems faced by Yahoo users:

·       Not able to login to Yahoo Account.

·       Yahoo account password and username incorrect.

·       Not able to send or receive yahoo mails.

·       Not able to attach files in yahoo mails.

·       Yahoo account got hacked.

·       Login page is working way to slow.

·       Messages are not mounting up in inbox.

·       Spamming issues.

·       Yahoo messenger cannot connect to the server.

·       Yahoo messenger is not working on phone.

·       Receiving Phishing emails on your account.

·       Not able to reach Yahoo mail Technical Support Number.

·       Yahoo Customer support team is unresponsive.

·       And many others.

The above mentioned problems were so frequent, that the numbers of searches on Google were in millions on every day basis. With no proper help and support from yahoo, people start reaching to unofficial yahoo support service provider, who are charging them but resolving their issues and that too in very short notice.

If you are that person who is facing any issue with your yahoo accounts and wants to get instant help from a certified and trained Yahoo Customer Service team. Then you can Dial Yahoo technical Support number 1-800-721-0104 to get instant help. You can also visit our website directly to read about the issues more deeply and also understand the root cause of it. 

Jul 26th

Save Multiple Outlook Emails to MSG Files with Ease!

By Jessica

Now you can easily save multiple Outlook emails to MSG files with an efficient PST to MSG Converter Tool. Use the software and get the solution to know how to convert outlook emails to MSG files in simple process. But before that let us understand the terms PST and MSG first. 

PST and MSG and two file formats that are supported by MS Outlook. While PST is a Personal Storage Table that contains a collection of all emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendar etc. of a single user profile. MSG on the other hand is a single email message that is created when you drag and drop a particular or selective emails from Outlook to any storage drive on your system hard disk.

When you have a handful of user profiled configured in Outlook, then you can easily extract MSG files from them using drag and drop. But what if your user profile is in thousands of numbers and that too in archived PST format. Technically speaking, it is not a very practical process of manually doing all this extraction of PST emails to MSG files. Also, this extraction requires that you must have Outlook installed in your machine. What, if you don’t have one? Simple, get some conversion utility that would be efficient enough to carry out the entire migration process without much ado.

PST to MSG Converter – An End to Your Worries!

PST to MSG Exporter is an advance utility that fulfils all the criteria of becoming an ideal solution for migration of PST files to MSG files and resolving many users’ queries regarding “How to convert Outlook emails to MSG files without Outlook installation”. Thanks to its simple GUI, using PST to MSG Converter is so easy that even a non-techie can easily use it and successfully save multiple Outlook emails as MSG files. Many third party tools available in market requires that Outlook must be installed on users’ machines for proper software working, but there is no such issue with PST to MSG Converter as it’s an independent application and provides consistent conversion results no matter whether you have Outlook installed in your system or not.

Export Outlook Email to .msg Files with Great Benefits

  • Save multiple Outlook emails as MSG in bulk
  • Export messages from PST to MSG with accurate Meta data, formatting and attachments
  • Supports conversion of all PST files – Configured, non-configured, ANSI and Unicode
  • Outlook installation is not mandatory at all
  • No file size limitation to export Outlook emails to .msg files
  • Works well with all Windows editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 XP etc.

Download PST to MSG Converter Freeware Edition

With PST to MSG Converter Freeware edition, users can easily understand its working proficiency. Available free of cost, demo will allow conversion to first 20 emails of PST files to MSG files. On complete satisfaction with the demo and to further save multiple Outlook emails as MSG files, licensed edition of the software needs to be acquired.

Jul 25th

Looking for SoundLogic BSBP-6/5954L XT 3-In-1 Powerplay NFC/Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank (Blue)

By Kristi

If you’re in search of best portable Bluetooth speakers, we recommended SoundLogic BSBP-6/5954L XT 3-In-1 Powerplay NFC/Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank (Blue), Shopping online is preferred because it supplies the freedom and convenience of store shopping at any time without the hassles of physically getting to a selling small. If you are planning to buy lightweight Bluetooth speakers at verify price then you can get it here. why waste virtually any single minute for looking portable Bluetooth speakers every now and then. You are made your merchandise available through which is one of the finest shopping sites today on the internet.

SoundLogic BSBP-6/5954L XT 3-In-1 Powerplay NFC/Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank (Blue)

Bluetooth wireless speakers have got a range of 15-35 legs This is more than enough to cover a number of rooms. Imagine sitting in your living room and control speakers from the bedroom! Which has a set of Bluetooth speakers, you should have complete control over the entire audio system.

Additionally, wi-fi Bluetooth speakers work with every Bluetooth-enabled products, whether it's MP3 players or perhaps phones. If you do not like carrying a separate MP3 device, you can just use your phone to check for new music in your home.

In terms of cost, Wireless wireless speakers are more expensive than their born counterparts (just like any various another wireless device). However, this kind of higher price is well reimbursed by the versatility pure loudspeaker, also, Bluetooth speakers usually are much more compact. In combination with the possible lack of wires, this small size makes them ideal for external use.

Bluetooth Speaker Benefits and drawbacks

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Reviews are the latest within a wireless world. Working in a similar Bluetooth technology that you come up with the music and files with your phone wirelessly with close friends, allowing these speakers give a variety of amenities without the use of cables listen. Regarding wi-fi technologies go, Bluetooth remains using the initial stages, although offers a convincing overall performance.

If you own a cell phone, you probably already utilized Bluetooth. Now you can buy everything from headphones to headset operating on this technology. Many modern day laptops and netbooks utilize Bluetooth to wirelessly simple devices, including speakers, headsets and a small touch of the printer.

Both the common technologies banal wifi speakers are HF (high frequency) and Down-Red. Whilst both have their personal value, its functionality is relatively minimal. Radio frequency, for example, often may suffer from disturbance problems and IR reception, while requiring the equipment plus the receiver in line with each other, therefore to be limiting of mobility. Example: SoundLogic BSBP-6/5954L XT 3-In-1 Powerplay NFC/Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank (Blue)

Get the best wifi speaker for your home

The wireless audio system is a great choice for adding speakers in additional areas in your home without wires. Additionally, most of these speakers are perfect for adding surround sound TV without running a lot of power cable to get the room. Wireless speakers will be more difficult to collect when compared with typical speakers as they incorporate a great amplifier with a wireless device. Several models differ in good quality of each of these parts.

Speaker wattage is one of the first parameters. The higher the power of the speaker's generally sound pressure level of the speaker can be higher. The loudspeaker maximum power depends on both the amount of power more diffuser elements will manage, as well as the power of the developed. Do not be fooled by the bigger powers that are often overstated by manufacturers and rather take a look at the status of RMS power. However, keep in mind that tunes signals have high output power in order to be sure there is sufficient margin in the power of the speakers to get rid of audio compression short sound clips. Precedent: SoundLogic BSBP-6/5954L XT 3-In-1 Powerplay NFC/Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank (Blue)

Jul 24th

Choose the Exemplary Shape for Your Brows

By K Smith

It is the renowned fact that the well-prepped eyebrows frame a lady's face and can take years off her. Eyebrow fashions generally change, however, groomed eyebrows will dependably be in trend. Another method for accomplishing this prepped look is with the new excellence beauty trend, known as Eyebrow Embroidery.


This is when "hairs" are finely included by means of a hue color onto the eyebrow line with respect to mix in with your general eyebrow shape, making thicker eyebrow or optional shape. This technique is otherwise called 'eyebrow hairline stroke'. Dissimilar to eyebrow tattoos, however, they are semi-permanent and last just for up to 2 years. What you receive from this treatment is a characteristic brow shape.

But before you look for Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore you should first consult with the make-up expert. I have also consulted with the best makeup artist and asked certain questions like –

-          How is it done?

-          Who is it aimed at?

-          Which color of the brow would look best on my face?

-          Which brow eyebrow shape is suitable according to my face?

Through these questions you will get you answers from the expert and he/she will let you know everything after he/she analyze your face completely. Although among colors you can choose to have black, brown eyebrows but what matters the most is the brow shape.

Your eyebrow shape is absolutely not one-size-fits-all. When one gets older, the brows will begin to develop slighter. Owning a set of perfectly groomed brows that is a color lighter than your hair not just accentuates the symmetry of your face, it additionally helps in emphasizing your eyes.

Here with this blog, I have come up with the definitive guideline that will help you to identify the ideal brow shape for your face.

Heart-Shaped Face

For the people who are bless with this face type, soften the pointed chin that acts as the as the point of the heart by going for softer arched brows. It assists in emphasizing the feminine curves towards the top.

Square-Shaped Face

The jawline is the most notable feature for the square-shaped face. To maintain the balance between the jawline and the cheekbones, bolstered brows are best to have to bring focus towards eyes and thinning the appearance of the high forehead and wide jawline.

Round-Shaped Face

Go for delicate angled high arch for that etched look. This extends the face, as well as broadens your eye zone and draws out your cheekbones with a gentle lifting impact, adding definition to your facial bone structure.

Oblong-Shaped Face

With a specific end goal to make the face look shorter, your eyebrows ought to be straight formed over the face, to keep it smooth and level.


Diamond Shaped Face

This face type is honored with the exceptionally angular features. With the wide forehead and pointed chin, a medium-length brow-arc is besides the brow bone brings balance to the jawline and puts least focus on the forehead and eyes.

Oval-Shaped Face

A delicate angled balanced brow is well characterized and the go to brow shape for the well-proportioned oval shaped face. As the brow curves round at the top and bottom, it additionally makes an optical fantasy for that sensitive and ladylike look.

Long-Shaped Face

With facial elements that are spread out vertically, having even and negligibly arched brow will improve your long shaped face to seem more oval.

Looking the benefits or eyebrow embroidery, the craze of this trend is growing towards thicker brows with distinct variations. This is a semi-permanent process and with the usage of finer blades it can provide natural look. But after the treatment you have to take care of your lips and don’t interrupt the healing process.


What are you waiting for? Try not to disregard your brows for they deserve a frame. This is the ideal time to work with your natural brow shape and find that oomph factor with your optimal eyebrow shape today!

Jul 22nd

Best Ways to Celebrate this Friendship Day 2017

By Vijay

There is a saying that goes; A friend in need is a friend indeed. A true friend not only shares good times with us but also plays a supportive role in difficult times. Right from the age of 3 or 4, friends hold an important place in our growth and development. As the saying rightly says, ‘tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.

A true friend understands us, appreciates our circumstances and problems and shares our joys and misfortunes.  They are our friend, philosopher and guide. The things we share with our friends might be a little awkward to share with our family. The greatest thing about friendship is, it’s not a relation of obligation.  We connect with someone and choose to be their friend. It’s not a relationship based on blood or law but truly on emotions. 

A day dedicated for this beautiful relationship is right around the corner, that’s right we are fast approaching day. Here are a few wonderful ways to celebrate and cherish this special day. 

Friendship band – Friendship band is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a symbol of your bond. They come of many different colours and pattern with special message written on them.

This friendship day tie a band symbolizing the unbreakable bond you share with your friend. 

Chocolates – Chocolates are excellent gift for food lovers out there. Chocolates literally make the sweetest of gifts. These yummy delights are a wonderful way to bring in flavor in your friendship.  

Make you friends day special by getting them a basket of their favorite chocolates. 

Flowers – Flowers ring smile and fragrance in everybody’s life. They   have always been considered as one of the best friendship day gift.

Attach a little note of love or a work of art with the flower bouquet to make it more special. 

Personalized mugs and cushions – Nothing says I was thinking of you than a personalized gift. Gift your BFF with a special message or picture of your adventure together.

This will remind them of your special bond for years to come. 

Cards – Cards are the most special way to convey your thought. Not everyone is well versed on poetry, cards help us share our feelings towards the relationship in a special way. They carryy the feeling and emotions in the best way. They are complete by themselves and give you an opportunity to connect with your dear friend in the most wonderful way.

From funny, heartfelt to musical, they are the perfect gift for every occasion and celebration.

Find more such cool friendship day gift for best friend online shopping sites like Drupper and celebrate the day with your best friends. 

Jul 14th

It looks like Temple of Madden NFL 18 Coins

By mmogonba2017

In other words, yes, it looks like Temple of Madden NFL 18 Coins Osiris has turned into something big enough to warrant a physical release, whereas Guardian of Light was digital only.You can also get some special loot for pre-ordering the Runescape game from various retailers. Pre-order from Runescape gamestop and you’ll get the Tomb Raider Legend skins, including golden pistols, a nostalgic look for Lara and a ring that beefs up your damage.


Amazon pre-orders will earn gear inspired by Deus Ex, while Steam and other digital retailers will get the HitmanPack, featuring outfits and gear inspired by that particular series.Finally, a season pass will be available for purchase alongside the Runescape game, including all future DLC. This content includes even more skins, as well as additional tombs in the Icy Death and Twisted Gears packs.Look for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC on Dec. 9.


Asus Reminds Gamers About The G550JK, GX500 Gaming Laptops. During E3 there are so many different products, Runescape games, hardware devices and peripherals that are released, announced, teased, showcased and promoted at the event that it becomes impossible to cover it all. Sometimes some really neat gadgets, gizmos and gaming gear gets swept under the rug of news coverage after all the dust is settled and everyone has packed up their bags and gone home.


Well, that's sort of what happened with Asus and their two new mobile gaming devices, the G550JK laptop and the GX500 notebook.Briefly I remember seeing something about Asus having plans to announce and release new devices this summer, but after all the media coverage for every other big game out there I definitely forgot to keep tabs on their new gear. Well, the company is sending out reminders that they actually have two new gaming devices that they announced this summer, and that is the aforementioned G550JK and Buy madden mobile coins GX500.


More cheap coins in

May 31st

knew everything about Outlook Customer Manager

By Ross

Most customers are not aware about the numerous features offered by Outlook. The email service offered by Outlook has outstanding features which address the communication needs of corporate professional and executives. Recently Microsoft Outlook introduced Outlook customer manager, Outlook Customer Manager makes it easy for small businesses to track and grow customer relationships without leaving Outlook. It’s easier to manage customers and upcoming deals with automatic reminders about customer inquiries, suggested company information from Bing and integration with Microsoft Flow. You can also access Outlook Customer Manager on the go in Outlook for IOS and Outlook on the web. Available with Windows Outlook is indeed a well-rounded solution for all types of communication requirements of the users. To enable customers to use the service in the best possible manner, Outlook customer care number       can be contacted where knowledgeable experts are always present. Through this technical support platform it is easier to understand the working of Outlook and also troubleshoot the issues. So customers can make the best use of Outlook features with right guidance available. User can also read more about outlook customer manger on official site of Microsoft.