Nov 10th

How to Import Watches from China

By Vijay

China is a global center for several types of watches – mechanical, automatic and quartz variants. With changes that have come over the years, people are crazy about brands and want to own the artistically crafted watches, preferably OEM models. You can review the differences between the various types by surfing the internet. While visiting several online pages like Tradeflock, the user is presented with known facts about the technical specifications for the watches.


Japanese and Swiss variants of watches can be obtained from China. The Chinese manufacturers use specific models of prominent brands like Citizen, Seiko, and ETA. But a word of caution prior to getting ready to import watches from China

  • Ensure that the brands and products are as good as new as there is a high chance of refurbished, defective watches that can come to you
  • The labeling requirements for the supplies while you import watches from China is crucial as inappropriate labeling for the products may enforce that the supply has to be recalled

Trade flock’s article on this topic details out the differences between several watch types for a good understanding of the purchaser prior to his order to import watches from China. Being the hub of assembled watches, the knowledge around the guidelines for the import from China will be essential to know and understand.


Sep 8th

Witness huge developments with the Dwarka Expressway projects

By Vijay

Dwarka Expressway, an 18 KM stretch that connects Gurgaon to Dwarka and to the rest of Delhi, is a scenic drive through. With almost 14 KM stretch that is completed and Dwarka has also seen rapid development in the real estate sector. High rise apartments, integrated townships are the attractions on the Dwarka Expressway projects. It is undoubtedly one of the longest stretches that house residential and commercial spaces in India.

Housing options

The Dwarka Expressway projects primarily to provide housing options in all dimensions. From flats, condos, apartments, and Independent Villas, the housing options that are available to buyers, investors and real estate agents are enormous. Sectors have already sprung up on the Expressway that is specifically for the living spaces for families. The Dwarka Expressway projects are expected to house 42,000 residential spaces of which at least 50% are already purchased by the investors. The remaining of the residential properties are currently un-launched to the investors.

Commercial Spaces

The expanse along the Expressway is also open to commercial projects and sectors 81 to 115 have been developed alongside several commercial spaces. The Dwarka Expressway projects will have commercial properties for leasing/ renting and available for starting up of public utilities too. Leading developers and property agents provide for the best construction for your commercial space needs. There are independent plots too where business ventures can be started. Prebuilt retail shops, office spaces can be bought or rented from the Dwarka Expressway projects.

Road to Future

Dwarka Expressway has been built with a futuristic and expanding thought considering the movement of the crowd to Delhi, Gurgaon and Dwarka. In compliance with the Gurgaon-Manesar plan of 2031, wide roads, housing & commercial establishments with ample parking spaces are constructed in the Dwarka Expressway projects. The amenities that come with the residential and commercial spaces are appreciable – you experience facilities from hospitality, health care, education. The transport system is also expected to extend till the Expressway.

Dwarka Apartment

The South West Real Estate company, DwarkaApartment, can facilitate your interest in investing into the Dwarka Expressway projects. Considering the expansion momentum, the projects will yield the returns that you anticipate and it will be important to channelize your investments through an authentic and right channel. Dwarka Apartment has been in this domain to guide every investor efficiently. Their clientele can speak volumes about their cost effective operating model and the trust that they have built with their customers over time!

Sep 2nd

Get the Best Bathroom Fittings to Adore Your Bathroom

By Vijay

In this modernized times, everybody wants their homes to look good. But while people pay attention to making their homes look good, one must not forget a very important part of a house, and that is the bathroom. When constructing or renovating their house, people pay attention to more visible parts of the house like the living room, bedroom, but some people do not take much care of bathrooms. Taking care of even the minutest details of your bathroom is equally important. And when it is about giving splendid look to your bathroom, bathroom fittings should get utmost importance. 

Fittings and their features

Every bathroom fitting serves its own purpose, be it a shower, hand shower, taps, or faucets. Placing every fitting properly at its right place ensures their proper working and long life. Since bathroom fittings come in contact with water every now and then, it is important that you get the supreme quality bathroom fittings; otherwise, they won't grace your bathroom for a long time. Apart from this, to make sure that your bathroom fittings are good to make sure to look for the following features when you buy them: 

  • Maximum comfort- whatever bathroom fittings you choose, make sure they are easy and comfortable to use. 
  • Superior quality- while buying the fittings for your bathroom, don't forget to check the quality of the fittings. Low-quality fittings will not stay for a long time and then you would be trapped in a mess to get them changed. Quality of fittings is also important to avoid any water leakage in future. 
  • Smart look- Make sure that the fittings you have selected are complementing your bathroom. bathroom fittings that don't go with the tiles of your bathroom will give a mediocre look to your bathroom. Also, select the fittings that have superior quality along with a polished look.

One place to get everything

If you are thinking that it is difficult to get bathroom fittings with all the qualities then you can bid adieu to your worries by just clicking on They have everything that you would want for your bathroom. By contacting Blues Bath Fittings you can get everything for your bathroom under one roof. Their fittings are of high-quality with very reasonable prices and excellent and modern designs. So, get amazing fittings for your bathroom, taps for the kitchen with unique designs to meet the needs of your family.


Jul 26th

How to Import LED Screens from China

By Vijay

There are several importers looking to import LED screens from China due to the increasing demand for them. However you must be careful before importing a LED screen having desired specification because there are certain guidelines on how to import LED screens from china. From supplier sourcing and from product development side, there are many necessary characteristics required.

How to Import LED Screens from China

Best in China

China’s as well as the world’s centre of electronics manufacturing is Shenzhen. In this region consumer electronics are assembled, packed and exported thus giving you access to top quality LED screens. Only a few LED exporters can be found outside of this region. Manufacturing LED screens is a hard task thus making the answer for the question - how to import LED screens from china much more crucial.

Importing of LED screens from china

Cost and delivery time becomes a matter of prudence because an LED screen assembling hundreds of components are required. There is no requirement of additional knowledge for importing LED screens from China. Nevertheless specifications such as preferring the ISO certified suppliers and following certification principles is important. 

For more information on how to import LED screens from china is available in the Tradeflock website

Jul 22nd

Best Ways to Celebrate this Friendship Day 2017

By Vijay

There is a saying that goes; A friend in need is a friend indeed. A true friend not only shares good times with us but also plays a supportive role in difficult times. Right from the age of 3 or 4, friends hold an important place in our growth and development. As the saying rightly says, ‘tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.

A true friend understands us, appreciates our circumstances and problems and shares our joys and misfortunes.  They are our friend, philosopher and guide. The things we share with our friends might be a little awkward to share with our family. The greatest thing about friendship is, it’s not a relation of obligation.  We connect with someone and choose to be their friend. It’s not a relationship based on blood or law but truly on emotions. 

A day dedicated for this beautiful relationship is right around the corner, that’s right we are fast approaching day. Here are a few wonderful ways to celebrate and cherish this special day. 

Friendship band – Friendship band is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a symbol of your bond. They come of many different colours and pattern with special message written on them.

This friendship day tie a band symbolizing the unbreakable bond you share with your friend. 

Chocolates – Chocolates are excellent gift for food lovers out there. Chocolates literally make the sweetest of gifts. These yummy delights are a wonderful way to bring in flavor in your friendship.  

Make you friends day special by getting them a basket of their favorite chocolates. 

Flowers – Flowers ring smile and fragrance in everybody’s life. They   have always been considered as one of the best friendship day gift.

Attach a little note of love or a work of art with the flower bouquet to make it more special. 

Personalized mugs and cushions – Nothing says I was thinking of you than a personalized gift. Gift your BFF with a special message or picture of your adventure together.

This will remind them of your special bond for years to come. 

Cards – Cards are the most special way to convey your thought. Not everyone is well versed on poetry, cards help us share our feelings towards the relationship in a special way. They carryy the feeling and emotions in the best way. They are complete by themselves and give you an opportunity to connect with your dear friend in the most wonderful way.

From funny, heartfelt to musical, they are the perfect gift for every occasion and celebration.

Find more such cool friendship day gift for best friend online shopping sites like Drupper and celebrate the day with your best friends. 

Jul 10th

Shakyamuni Tour Itinerary

By Vijay

The significance of Shakyamuni itinerary and tour:

Shakyamuni well known as Gautam Buddha, was born in Lumbini, Nepal. He laid the foundations of Buddhism that is now one of the major religions followed worldwide and lays main stress on peace and love across the globe. The relics of Lord Buddha have been still preserved in various places and his followers find immense satisfaction in witnessing them. Hence the Shakyamuni Tour Itinerary brings forth an opportunity of visiting the places associated with Buddhism.

Shakyamuni Tour Itinerary

Places of interest:

The chief places connected to Buddha include:

  • Lumbini, Rupandehi district, Nepal  (where Buddha was born as prince Siddhartha to queen Mayadevi and spent his early days)
  • Bodhgaya, Bihar, India (where he transformed from prince Siddhartha to Lord Buddha after 49 days of meditation under the Bodhi tree and achieved enlightment)
  • Sarnath, near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India (here, Lord Buddha delivered his first post enlightenment homily to the public and this is the place from where he laid his first disciples to spread Buddhism. Also the pride of India, the Dhamekha Stupa was erected in Sarnath by King Ashoka.)
  • Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, India, (the messenger of god Lord Buddha took his last breath in this district in 543 BC. His relics were preserved in eight commemorative chortens and his teachings were inscribed on pillars by the great king Ashoka that still enlighten the masses.)

Thus for the ones who want to witness this magnificent remains and linkages of lord Buddha, Shakyamuni Tour Itinerary, will be best to serve your purpose and give you a mouth numbing experience.

Know more:

Jun 1st

Kailash Mansarovar Tour at Reasonable Cost

By Vijay

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is considered as scared in Hindu religion. According to Hindu Ideology, the Mansarovar Lake was first born in the mind of Brahma and then manifest on earth. Thousands of people visit Kailash Mansarovar every year. It is also a scared place for Tibetans, Buddhists and Jain people.  Mount Kailash is situated in Kailash range in Tibet. There are different routes to reach Mount Kailash like via Kerung, Lhasa and Mainland china. There are many tour operators providing you Kailash Mansarovar tour.

Kailash Mansarovar

Tour operators:  

Due to the huge significance, people from India, china, Tibet, Nepal and neighboring country reaches there every year.  The numbers of tour operators are there to facilitate you for the journey. They are there to help you out by providing basic amenities like food, hotel booking and vehicle for the journey along with guide if you require. They provide all these in packages. There packages are in days and they charge you for full duration per person. There packages can be for single destination or combination of two or more. One can choose them from their website or by contacting them as per his requirement or budget. This will help you to get a hurdle free tour.

Tour Operator’s Benefits:

The major benefit by booking a tour operator is that you need not to panic for the arrangements for the tour. All you have to do is to contact them and buy a package of your choice. Like if people buy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra packages, then all the arrangements from bus ticket booking, hotel booking, vehicle for the tour and food arrangements are all arranged by them.  Their charges are also reasonable which you have to pay in part i.e. some amount while booking and rest before commencing the tour. They are expert in that region which will also benefit you in your tour. Some of these tour operators also provide mount Kailash Yatra by helicopter but their charges are high. Those who can afford can take the benefits of helicopter ride also.

Mount Kailash tour operator:    

In this crowd, Mount Kailash tour operator is one among the famous tour operators. They are well known for their great services. Their team of professionals is always there to help you out in any situation. If you are planning for Kailash Mansarovar tour package then you can very well contact them on their website One can also contact them on their tele number +91 7715545999 for any query related issues.   

May 21st

Hire Ground Handler in Nepal for Your Trusted and Well-Known Reputation

By Vijay

The minimum time passengers have to wait is best for the airline companies. The skillful and experienced Ground Handler in Nepal maintains the airline’s highly expensive investments, aircraft & GSE, and the passengers move efficiently, effortlessly, and safely on the ramp. From the very first moment when the plane touches the ground, the ground handlers are ready to safely park at the gate. From the marshaling to securing aircraft and making the service equipment well-prepared, the ground handling services are provided all the moment.  

Ground Handling in Nepal

Services included in ground handling package 

Ground handling package includes all kinds of services needed by an aircraft when it remains on the ground. These days, most of the airlines prefer receiving the services from ground handling agents that helps in different operational areas included in the package. 

The ground handling package from leading company includes so many things such as:

  • Toilet and water services (on process)
  • Cargo handling services
  • Ramp handling
  • Aircraft push back/towing
  • GE operations
  • ACU GPU air-start
  • Baggage services
  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Aircraft marshalling
  • Passengers handling
  • Transfer cargo to-from cargo terminal
  • Passenger check-In
  • Wheelchair assistance, meet and assist, and many more special services
  • Passenger arrivals and departure handling

The ramp handling services ensure sparkling ramp and safety of the people. Ramp services from experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology include equipment supply, meeting the aircraft, interior cleaning, crew and passenger transport between the aircraft and passenger terminals. The ground handlers take care of the passenger’s baggage ensuring the baggage is conveniently and safely transferred to the connecting flights on right time without any breakage or damage. 

Ground handling agent

Those who have difficulty in managing their airline ground handling tasks can get the optimal solutions by hiring the Ground Handling Agent in Nepal. The agent performs various roles such as:

  • Load the baggage safely according to published process and handles them safely in accordance with customer airline’s published guidelines.
  • Help physically handicapped passengers and other passengers also with their needs.
  • Perform the housekeeping of the specific work areas.
  • Keep and shift all kinds of job-related working tools during the working hours.
  • Handle cargo materials such as special products in safe and timely manner.
  • Reports security incident and unsuitable conduct about theft or taking the benefits from the customer in any way.

So, choose the Ground Handler in Nepal who can help you with handling everything to your repute in the country and provide reliable handling services. Nepal Aviation can be the one who can help you for all, from ground handling to overflying and landing permit.

Mar 17th

Bike Tour to Dehradun - Enjoy Nature and Explore Adventure

By Vijay

Have you ever thought of going on a short vacation with your family or friends? If yes, then this season is time to fulfill this dream of yours. During vacations, you feel free of troubled/ hectic life, and that is why you get the chance of enjoying to the max. And what adds to the fun is of it is a road trip, not only you get to enjoy a lot, but you also get pleasure in enjoying the scenic beauty. How long do you want your road trip, solely depends on your capacity to drive/ ride for long hours.

Bike tour to Dehradun

If you want to go on a short vacation via road, then Dehradun is one of the best places near Delhi. Dehradun is surrounded by lush green trees and stunning mountain ranges, situated in Garhwal region, and is also the capital of Uttrakhand state. Just 256 km away from Delhi, going to Dehradun is never a disappointment, especially to the people who are nature lovers. Places to visit in Dehradun are:


  • Robbers Cave
  • Lachhiwala
  • Sahastradhara
  • Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Buddha Temple
  • Malsi Deer Park


The weather in Dehradun is always beautiful, so no need to worry about extreme summers or winters. The place has immensely beautiful scenes and tracks, so you can just enjoy sightseeing, or go for a walk and enjoy its tranquility. Plus, shopping, cycling, and Golfing are also the activities you can indulge in here.

So, how about visiting such a place not through cars or trains but, by bike? 

Going on a bike tour to Dehradun is a thrilling adventure in itself, and if you are visiting a place like Dehradun then no doubt the thrill and adventure increases. According to your comfort level and your pocket, you can rent different kinds of bikes be it a Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, Pulsar, Bullet etc. Riding amid the trees and mountains is indeed an experience to look up for, and is no less when it comes to the fun part. Rent a bike for Dehradun tour, it will give you a captivating experience as you become one with nature and adventure while riding, and will surely add to your fond memories 

If you are wondering from where to start your vacation planning then the answer is Wheelify.  They are expert in organizing bike tours, and you will get everything and every support like guidance, bikes on rents, travel consultancy and 24x7 support. If you will start the tour to Dehradun on bike through Wheelify then, there are more opportunities and facilities that you will only enjoy with this startup only.

Mar 3rd

3 BHK Flat For Rent in Vasant Kunj- Reasons You Must Prefer It

By Vijay

The Indian population has been increasing rapidly, however, on other side; natural resources that are catering the human needs are decreasing. To build the dream home of every person, real estate players in Vasant Kunj are developing the 3 BHK flat for rent in Vasant Kunj with all the amenities to cater the requirements of emerging population and migrants coming to this locality.

Vasant Kunj is truly large and developed enough to provide the perfect living to residents seeking for the calm and tranquil lifestyle away from polluted surroundings. It offers the simplicity and desire to lead a happier and social living with plenty of benefits including: 

  • Cleanliness

The entire building is being developed along eco-friendly lines using the energy-efficient materials. The nearby area is maintained with cleanliness to offer residents healthier living and invite them to spend some quality time outdoors in a breathtaking atmosphere. Plenty of greenery helps in keeping the pollution level down.  

  • Freedom

3BHK flat in Vasant Kunj are truly the safe zones for kids, adults, and senior citizens as well. Women can easily and safely go about on their own and children can also run and play without any fear or a restriction. Every people are provided a freedom to enjoy the best life they dream.

  • Security

Gated complexes and all the access points are fitted with round the clock advanced security. The entire area available for rent is under the surveillance of CCTV camera. Therefore, every resident can lead a secure life.   

  • Lifestyle standards

Vasant Kunj 3BHK flats available for rent have all what a resident need to lead a pleasurable and relaxed living. Community centers, indoor outdoor playing area, 24/7 electricity supply, power backup, and many more amenities are provided to ensure modern living.

  • Convenience

Locality is well connected to other regions and everything is in a very close proximity to it. Hobby classes, shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, and parks can be commuted easily. 

  • Rates

3 BHK flat for rent in Vasant Kunj are available to be taken at an affordable rent. Every person can afford the pricing without burning a hole in pocket.

In today’s expensive and hurried world, choosing the best house as you dream seems highly challenging. There are so many companies providing flats for rent in Vasant Kunj hence selecting reliable seems difficult.

You can click on the website like providing the numbers of flats options to take for rent and submit the message online.