Jun 12th

How Do I Change Your Router Password ?

By shiney

A router is basically a networking device that helps to forward the data packets to between the computer networks. Routers main function is to provide he traffic directions functions on the internet network. Mainly here data packets is transferred from one router to other router with the help of the networks that constitute the internetwork until and unless it gets its destination location. A router basically acts as the link between the user and the internet.

Procedure to reset your router password :

As people from all over the world has been using this router facility, which acts as the link. So, to access that one need to provide some password and username to the required router network so that any outsider may not access that particular network and there services. And suppose if anyone is willing to change their required username and password of the respected router then follow up the below given solution.

Follow up the below given some common solution for the same :-


  • Open up any of the stored web browsing application in your desired computing device.
  • When open, in the search address bar enter and then make search.
  • Now a respective router login page will open in front of the screen.
  • Make a login to your desired router account by entering the username and password such as – admin and admin respectively.
  • Now from there move to ‘menu bar’ there select on the set no option.
  • Thenclick on ‘quick setup bar’ options on that particular section itself.
  • Search for the, ‘pre-shared key’ from there itself.
  • When you have find that just choose the ‘change password’.
  • Change your password as per your choice and interest.
  • Then again enter new password for the confirmation.
  • When finish with that, then on the down option click on the change username and hence from there one will be able to change the same.


And when finish with all then click on the ok button. For any guidance and support from the technician then call them at Netgear router technical support number. They will definitely provide you the full guidance and support throughout the whole procedure.

Jun 5th

How to fix the google chrome privacy error “your connection is not private”

By shiney

Google Chrome is the most widely used free Web browser which offers the various features like bookmarks, standard web support,support for add-on and smooth performance. When you use google chrome as your personal browser you may face some issues like, update and installation issue, privacy error issue, android based issues,software complexities and compatibility issue. In such a situation call on the google chrome technical support number to get an instant solution of your problem.

Meaning of “your connection is not private” error in google chrome

If you are getting this error this means your computer is not allowing the chrome, loading the page privately and securely. This error appears on your screen due to the SSL error. SSL error occur when the issue is not issued by recognized third part, the connection between the browser and the website might not be secure or the site,s certification is not up-to-date.

 Process to fix  “your connection is not private” error in google chrome

There are four methods to fix this error which are as follows:

  • Check the Date and Time: Ensure that the date and time must be accurate because it is the biggest cause of the SSL error.
  • Check the Antivirus Software: Some time antivirus software may block the website’s security and certificate then you get the error. So first check your antivirus software settings, so Go to the settings and enable active protection and unchecked the enable HTTP'S in the customize section.
  • Clean Google Chrome Browser: To clean your chrome browser you need to clear the cache, history and other browser data from browser. To do so go to the settings and then click on the show advanced settings. Now under the privacy option clear your browsing data.
  • Proceed to the site:To proceed click on the “Advanced” link and then select “proceed to website link”.
Jun 3rd

Simple Process To Get The Google Docs From The Gmail Account  

By shiney

Google docs is basically the application that is used for the purpose of uploading and converting a word document to the google document.By the help of this you can also add the flair or you can even do the formatting to the documents which includes adjusting the margins, and other things like the space, fonts as well as colours.

Now in case you want to go to the google docs from the gmail account then you need to follow the below written steps:-

  • first of all just login to your gmail account by using your browser
  • after that you have to click on the gear icon that is basically present on to the right side of the screen
  • and there you need to choose the settings option from the menu
  • after that you need to move further to the labs tab option and you have to click on it
  • followed by scrolling down to the list of the available tabs
  • now just click on the enable button that is present next to the create a document option
  • now just tap on the save change button
  • now whenever you wish to open a message that you wish to save as the document
  • you simply need to click on the more menu and have to choose the create a document in order to save the changes.

In case of further query feel free to contact the Gmail technical support phone number. Gmail experts provides best effort to guide you to the best solution for your technical issue. For feedback pleast leave a comment.

May 29th

Process To Set Up The Msn Email Account Into Your Iphone 6

By shiney

If you wish to use the msn emailing service on to your iphone then you need to follow some different set of instructions to set up it on your device because depending upon the versions the steps vary.

So the step by step process to set up the msn email on your iphone is as follows:-

  • first of all go to the settings option
  • after that you have to scroll down and
  • then you need to visit the mail, calender and the contact option
  • followed by tapping on the add account option and then to the other
  • now once you tap on the add mail account,
  • after that you have to go to the new account menu and then have to enter the information like the name, email, password and the description regarding the acccount
  • now you have to go to the incoming mail server settings and there you need to select the POP3 and
  • then you have to enter the information like the hostname, username as well as the password
  • now move forward to do the outgoing mail server settings by entering the details
  • now just click on the save button followed by selecting the email address on the next screen
  • after that you just have to choose the SMTP in the outgoing mail server setting
  • now just tap done followed by selecting the advanced option
  • now just go back to the home screen and you are done.

Now if you face any form of problem then you should try to contact the msn technical support in order to seek the right form of guidance from the right person and that too in very less time.

Apr 21st

How to restore my Hotmail account from outlook

By shiney

Hotmail is just one of the many free online e-mail providers that can be accessed from any computer with internet access. However, if you prefer to use email client Microsoft Outlook, you can create Outlook to retrieve your Hotmail account emails to your Outlook inbox. You can also configure Outlook so that you can send emails via Hotmail. To restore Hotmail account from Outlook, get support through Hotmail Technical Support which provides quick and reliable support for any type of issues with your Hotmail account.

Restore Hotmail from Outlook

  • Download and run the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector.
  • Once the Microsoft Outlook connector is installed, start Outlook and configure Outlook Connector.
  • Enter your complete Hotmail email address in the text box next to “Email Address”.
  • Enter the password in the password field. Select the name you want to appear in the recipient's inbox, and then click “OK”.
  • Find your Hotmail account in the Microsoft Outlook navigation pane.
  • Look for your Hotmail email address and then click on the small “+” symbol to expand the option. You will be able to view default folders in your Hotmail account, such as “Inbox”, “Outbox”, “Junk Email” and “Drafts”.
  • Check configuration. Use Hotmail account from Microsoft Outlook to send a message to all other email addresses.
  • Enter the captcha image in the field provided and click “OK”.