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blondes and lighten, but it is very damaging on focus formula your locks and can burn the go, if used incorrectly. Now, coming back to main colors... The three main colors, like I said before, are red, blue and yellow-colored. The three extra colors are orange (red+yellow), organic (blue+yellow) and violet (blue+red). Look at the way the colour overall tone wheel is set up, for it is done this way deliberately. The colour directly across from a colour, is its complimentary colour. Complimentary colors can either intensify or neutralize each other. For instance, when you lighten your locks, it usually winds up a pale yellow-colored overall overall tone. To take away the yellow-colored, you overall overall tone your locks with a violet based toner to modify it platinum-blonde. This is why a lot of "blonde" shampoos are purple. If your hair are orange, you should overall overall tone it with a blue based (ash) toner. Toners are generally shade to overall overall tone your locks after whitening it. I strongly recommend toning locks after whitening it, because it looks more finished. There are so many different varieties of toners. You can overall overall tone locks ash golden-haired, platinum golden-haired, neutral, strawberry golden-haired, etc. Let's say your hair are bleached but you decide you want to colour it coming back to brownish. You have to re-pigment locks first. If you don't, the colour overall tone will end up really ashy/greyish and faded looking. To re-pigment (fill) your locks, you want to use reddish/goldish colors

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